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I am not a flats person. However, since I’ve decided to (mostly) ban myself from riding cabs, and the roads I often walk on aren’t really ideal for my precious heels, I slip into flats more and more often nowadays. And yeah, I’ve known about foldable flats for a while, but I was that sort of person who, once I slip on heels, I pretty much stay with them for the rest of the day. Besides, foldable flats look dubious to me because my shoes get banged and scraped a lot. Foldable flats look like they’re made of thin material, not likely to withstand a week with the way I walk.

Buuuuut, I discovered Yosi Samra.  The first time I slipped them on, I knew they were for keeps!  Like I mentioned, I don’t normally wear flats, and ballet flats almost NEVER, but that just goes to show how impressed I was with the pair I got from Yosi Samra.  I wore them everyday the whole week after that first time–it was just so convenient and easy to use and they didn’t feel flimsy.  They’re pretty tough!  The soles were quite durable and the stitching withstood several construction sites I passed by.

Yosi Samra foldable flats - patent

What they claim:

Yosi Samra’s years of experience within the footwear industry has allowed him to produce the highest quality ballet flats at the lowest price points. The innovative split-sole structure is made of 1/8durable rubber allowing the shoes to fold neatly yet also ensuring that they do not wear when worn. Materials for the actual shoe are made from the best materials, thick enough that you do not see the outlines of your feet. Yosi Samra’s are topped off by a comfy elastic band creating a secure fit and eliminating the shoe cutting into a woman’s heels, painful rubbing blisters or an extended breaking-in period.

Yosi Samra foldable flats - metallic

Yosi Samra foldable flats - animal print

Yosi Samra foldable flats - leather

Though I don’t use it as often as I do my regular shoes, I always have it in my bag now.  You never know when you need a rest from the pair you’re wearing, and I just feel more comfortable knowing that I can change into my foldable flats if I need it.  I went to Singapore last month, and a friend I met up with there decided to wear her newest high heels at our mini-reunion.  After a while, I took pity at her staggering and constant massaging that I offered to let her borrow my Yosi Samra pair.  They were supposed to be a size smaller than her, but she seemed comfy enough, and even asked me what brand it was and where I bought it.  Even she noticed how tough it seemed to be.

I also like that the pouch they came in is even smaller than my wallet so it fits neatly in my everyday handbag.

Yosi Samra navy blue patent leather
My own pair in patent navy blue

Yosi Samra pouch

Yosi Samra is exclusively distributed by Green Tee Inc. at the following locations: GAS, Greenbelt 3 and Trinoma Mall.

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