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For all our talk of the next meet up, POC girls (of the beauty & fashion channel) find it hard to agree on any one schedule that we end up forgetting about it altogether.  That’s why it was a happy surprise that when Robinsons invited me to check out their Yuletide sale (happening November 26-30 at all Robinsons department stores) and I bumped into Lyn who told me that both Kira and Liz were also coming.  We didn’t know that all four of us would be at the same event!  It was a mini reunion of sorts and I think this is the most number of us at any given place that was not planned by any of us.

Anyway, that just turned it into a really fun shopping trip since we were all together.  We were also with one other blogger, Earth, who’s always invited to events like this.

Take note, the Yuletide sale is happening in all Robinsons department stores, but for those living in Manila, if you can make it, try visiting Robinsons Midtown in Ermita (their flagship store) because it has such a large collection of great brands.  I also find that it’s the shiniest/newest department store they have (that I’ve seen so far), owing to much renovation and expansion these recent years.

November 26-30, 2010

Because it was a big area with several floors, you don’t end up in a crazy crowd.  Plus, it’s a long weekend–quite a number of people are out of town to take advantage of this.  If you’re staying put in Manila, now’s your chance for some serious shopping with considerably less hassle on usual weekend sales!  Not to mention a lot of really good deals as you’ll soon find out here.

This was the first thing that greeted us as soon as we went up the escalators.

Triumph goes 70% off everything!

Robinsons Yuletide sale

This alone makes your trip to Robinsons Midtown worth it already.  Triumph goes crazy cheap on EVERYTHING, and for November 26-28, they’ll be open til 11 pm!

Our first stop was brand Never Been Kissed.  We want gaga over the selection here, I think most of us picked up something from here.  I contemplated buying a really cute military jacket, but it was a little large for me so I had to let it go.  I also spotted some lovely lacy tops and skirts, similar to the ones I see in F21, only three times cheaper.

Never Been Kissed - Robinsons

Earth over at the pretty florals and flapper frocks

lace skirts at Robinsons Midtown

Lyn holding up one of the lace skirts for P400

cheap skirts

Florals, lace and chiffon

I discovered that the department store has plenty of good stuff if you’re into casual, cute and witty stuff.  You can definitely take your pick at Whatever! I like matching colorful shirts with cute or funny prints with more edgy pieces like a leather jacket, military-inspired blazers, patent boots or pull off a Sarah Jessica Parker by matching it with a tutu, tulle or a really puffy skirt.

colorful and witty shirts



Whatever! No Sleep Tonight shirt

Whatever! Bonne nuit shirt

Here You Go Muffin Head

Count On Me

And here lies Co-Exist. Fabulous pieces as always.




Over at Julia, you can find fashionable corporate wear, smart casual, and surprisingly, some really edgy pieces as well.

Julia - Jersey dresses

Julia! - Blue romper


Liberte was one of my favorite stops.  The brand is described “For the yuppie who doesn’t want to conform with the traditional way of corporate dressing.”  A lot of their pieces are really versatile.  I ended up buying their classic black blazer with gold buttons so I may feel like Jane Aldridge in them.


This was actually my last stop: Vanity Accessories (exclusively sold at Robinsons). They were really pretty things that were as cheap as tiangge or even Quiapo!  I wanted to buy more, but decided to just pick a few pieces and head to the counter right after that, before I blow all my shopping allowance away.

Vanity Accessories

Vanity Accessories

Vanity Accessories

Vanity Accessories

But don’t be selfish, ladies!  You can also shop for the special men in your life.  My favorite, again, are the clever shirt-designs from Fun Tee, Dazed and Confused and Portside.  Plain but happily lego-colored shirts are available as well from Grab a Tee, which has 100% knitted tops and bottoms and really affordable.

Men's shirts

Hari ng Pusoy shirt

Shirts from P99-200!

Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused

Grab a Tee

P99 shirts!

Fun Tee

I love this print from Fun Tee! Actually, their brand name alone makes me snicker like a gradeschooler.

What I came home with:

Blazer from Liberte

Black blazer with gold buttons, from Liberte. P500.

Sweater dress from Dazed and Confused

Light sweater from Dazed and Confused. It’s menswear, but Imma make it a sweater dress! P500.

Accessories from Vanity

From Vanity Accessories: Belt, P180.  Gold pendant with mirror inside, P150.  Gold horse necklace, P149.75. White and gold earrings (at the very corner of the photo, sorry) P95.

There are a lot more suitable gift items around the department store!  Kira and I even ventured towards their Home and Living area.  Plenty of good bargains there.  In fact, they have 9 departments you should check out in total: ladies, men’s, children’s wear, undergarments, shoes & bags, cosmetics, health and beauty, accessories, home, general merchandise and snacks.  This pre-Christmas sale has discounts that go up to 70% off.

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