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I realize this post is almost a month old, but I had to do some product testing before writing about this one.  But let’s get out the introductory details first.

There was a bloggers’ tea party of sorts at Bizu Patiserrie and Bistro at Greenbelt 2 near the end of last month, and the invitation for the event itself was very intriguing.  It was from Kotex/Kimberly Clark, and it mentioned the dress code for the WOW party (as they called it) was fun, flirty and girly.  I assumed they were coming out with something new, but they didn’t really reveal anything other than the information above.

It was a fun night, one of the better events I was invited to this year, as you really can’t fail with good food, good ambiance (I love Bizu, especially the one in Greenbelt because it looks so quaint! And it fits the theme, too) and a whole truckload of friendly fashion bloggers thrown into the mix.  Most of them I’ve never met in person, but the evening was filled with cheery introductions and girlish chatter that I found myself relaxing and enjoying the dinner more than I expected to.

Kotex WOW Party at Bizu

With Aisa, who invited me, Vern and Ariane. This was the first time I met Aisa in person, and Vern and Ariane I only met this night but they were oh so friendly, it didn’t seem like an awkward first meeting at all. It was still a bit early when I got to Bizu and hardly knew anyone and these girls knew exactly how to make me feel welcome.

Kotex WOW Party at Bizu

Then finally, some people I do know already! Met up with Earth and Liz, who came from a Preview Barbie event.

Kotex WOW Party at Bizu

Lloyda of Fashionista Fortune Cookie on the leftmost, me, Aisa, Ana and Ava

Kotex WOW Party at Bizu

With Aisa’s partner in crime and voted photographer of the night, Mich

Kotex WOW Party at Bizu

And with Shen, of course.

Kotex WOW Party at Bizu

What I wore, which I thought fit the bill.  Except for the DMs, which of course, were tough-looking. But I always wear them if I have to commute, which I did.  I was too lazy to change, besides, with the floral dress, it was just too 90s for me to resist.  The dress is what I call my forever backup Forever 21 dress because after this night, it’s what I wear when I’m feeling lazy. It’s just so easy to put on!

I did my hair a bit differently that night, since my brother casually remarked that my hair always looks the same.  So I didn’t sweep my fringe to one side like I usually do. That was all and yet there were plenty who didn’t recognize me until they did a double take!

Anyway, we were all kept in suspense a little while longer until after dinner.  The hostess asked us to introduce ourselves by saying what clothing brand we would be, if we could be one.

What brand are you?

Ana answering the question

I thought it was a pretty good ice breaker with a bunch of fashion and beauty bloggers gathered there that evening.  For my part, I don’t really relate to just any brand, especially since I don’t shop in malls much.  But what I’m sure I love are my Dr. Martens, which I’ve traded in for my regular sneakers and more shockingly, my heels (for a time), so that’s the brand I said I was. Tough and classic, with a charm all on its own.

After that, we were treated to a little slideshow about the long history of Kotex with the production of feminine pads.  Not surprisingly, many manufacturers of bandages explored the idea of creating the first disposable napkins.  Kotex was the first to advertise it as so.

How it all started out

It was in 1921 when the ads for the first Kotex (cotton texture) pads came out.  Because of the war, there was a huge demand for medical gauze and bandages, and plenty of factories were devoted into production of highly absorbent material to help with bleeding wounds and other injuries.  But what about after the war?  Well, Kimberly Clark came up with a brilliant idea.  Why waste all the equipment when they could use it for producing something else which was just in dire need of attention?

First Kotex ads

Kotex advertised the first disposable napkins in Good Housekeeping, which caused quite a scandal back then.  Such things were unheard of in polite society, and here they were, brazenly selling *gasp* menstrual pads for women!  However, no one could deny there was a definite need for it.  Before disposable napkins, women had to make do with strips of cloth and other home remedies to take care of business.  Still, it wasn’t easy selling the product–women were often embarrassed to be seen buying them.  Eventually, companies and stores resorted to having to take in orders by phone, catalogue and sometimes, coin boxes where women could just drop their money without having to actually say “Kotex, please”.

First Kotex ads

But man, I, for one, am glad that Kotex persevered.  Where would we be without disposable napkins now?  I’d probably be in hibernation for a week if I had to use a pasador!

First Kotex ads

Do you know, the pads back then were attached with pins? Yoikes!

Why only white? (W.O.W.)

We take a lot of things for granted, but I can’t be more thankful for disposable pads.  We have so many options available to us now.  I thank women of that time for braving the scrutiny of society–we’re reaping the results of their patronage, because as you know, Kotex didn’t just stop there.  They made plenty of innovations to their pads for ease of use.  And as I was to find out that night, the WOW party was to introduce another one of them.

Feminine pads are mostly white.  This may have stemmed from their origins as bandages.  But come to think of it, why only white?  They’ve definitely come a long way since the 20s, we can surely afford to experiment a little with the designs, right?

Kotex now introduces something new for their ultra thins, pads with different designs and motifs on them for a little fun.  I’d probably recommend these to girls who have just started having their periods because I think the cheery-looking things make the time of the month less daunting.  Sure, one may argue that at the end of the day, these are disposable napkins to take care of some messy business and we’re just going to throw it away.  But who says you can’t be creative with short-lived objects, eh?

New Kotex ultra thin

New Kotex ultra thin

New Kotex ultra thin

I love the packaging. I also got ones that were in a little tin box which I equally liked.  At first, when I learned that they were going to introduce new designs, I thought they were coming out with black pads! I would’ve loved that except that, well, you can’t really be safe with black pads of course.

Bloggers challenge

Here, bloggers were challenged to be creative by designing their own pads.  I spy Melai in the farthest corner, and then Bestie and Nori.  Prizes were given away for the best ones!

Teeyah and Liz show off their designs

Here’s Teeyah and Liz with theirs. Liz won!  I wasn’t surprised–she was super career about it!

What I like best about the pads, design aside (including the neat packaging), is the fact that it stays in place despite movement.  I’m also a fan of ultra thin pads (I don’t really like bulky ones except for nighttime) and these are pretty good ones in my opinion.  If I had a little sister, this is probably the pad I’d get her for her first period.  It costs just a bit more than a regular pad, but I don’t mind paying premium for quality!

They’re out in the local market now, and I urge you to try them.  After all, Kotex are considered experts in this particular subject, seeing as they were one of the pioneers who broke grounds and produced what we modern women cannot live without.

Photos from Kotex, my own camera and Museum of Menstruation Women’s Health

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