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Having been a fashion and beauty writer and an avid fan of eco-friendly and hypoallergenic products, I’ve heard of Zoya, of course. But it wasn’t until last September that I’ve actually gotten to try it out myself, thanks to Martine de Luna’s spa party at Beauty & Butter. And paint me impressed–I didn’t think nail polish with a mild formulation would be so long-lasting! Of course, I always hear this one about nail lacquer brands, but after wearing only Zoya nail polish for about a month straight (without topcoat), I can definitely vouch for it myself. Though to be honest, even if it was exaggerating about the strength of its lacquers, it’s the kind of brand I would patronize as I’m more forgiving of any product that’s eco-friendly and non-toxic. You see, Zoya is touted 5-free: made without toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde, camphor, and resin–which is why I mentioned it has mild formulation. This means it’s extremely safe to use, even for kids and expecting moms. And, it doesn’t turn my nails yellow (because I do tend to leave nail polish on for as long as I can until the next nail salon visit).

Zoya Pixie Dust Godiva matte glitter shade

Zoya Pixie Dust line: Godiva (matte glitter). Amethyst crystal titanium engagement ring from

Now I know Zoya has plenty of shades to rave about, but let me go on with my personal favorites. It was love at first sight with the matte shades. To be honest, I’ve only ever seen them on Pinterest before, so imagine my excitement at finally getting to try them for my own. I’ve never taken such a long time deciding on what shade to wear! Eventually, I went for Godiva, a matte glitter lacquer (yes, there’s such a thing!) on my nails. I highly recommend this one because even when it had a tiny chip, it wasn’t noticeable! My nails stayed pretty for a long while with this one on. But I was torn because I wanted to try the Velvet Matte shades too, so I ended up with a charcoal gray shade called Dovima for my pedicure.

Zoya Velvet matte in Dovima, available at Beauty & Butter

Velvet Matte: Dovima

I was actually choosing between the velvet matte Dovima, Pixie Dust Godiva, the satin Sage and this dark blue Pixie Dust. I was really gunning for the latter, but alas, at my last two trips at Beauty & Butter, it still wasn’t available so I ended up with Liberty (also from the Pixie Dust line). Though my manicurist did promise me the next time I’ll be back, they’ll surely have it in stock (I’m counting on you, ate. *crosses fingers*).

Zoya Pixie Dust Liberty

Pixie Dust: Liberty

I keep saying I’ll try the satin line next, but I haven’t yet since I always get distracted with the Pixie Dust one. The Pixie Dust line is quick-drying and quite long-lasting. It’s unbelievably durable as well, because I’m not very careful with my manicure and pedicure at all yet they stayed chip-free for days!

Zoya satin shades at Beauty and Butter Megamall

The satin shades are extremely gorgeous and have a lovely semi-matte finish. It lies somewhere between a matte and a glossy finish, which I find to be unique. Kira tried this at the spa party, and as I mentioned, I wanted to try the Sage color next time. It’s that leftmost bottle in the photo.

Zoya pastel shades

Zoya Naked Manicure

I haven’t tried these, but I know that Zoya is extremely popular for 1) their pastel colors and 2) their award-winning Naked Manicure. Have you tried them yet? The latter is said to be perfect for those who prefer natural-looking nails (MNBB–my nails but better) and those in need of nail recovery (to treat discoloration, brittleness, et cetera). I was also amazed by this top coat they have that mattifies your regular nail polish and I probably need to get it for myself soon (an early Christmas treat?). They’re more expensive than what I’m accustomed to, and I’m usually wary of buying nail polish because I never finish them (seriously, I should just start a trade club of some sort for nail polish users), but I just love Zoya that much. Their nail lacquer goes from around 300 to 500php a pop, and they’re available at Beauty & Butter (where most of the shades I like are), SM department stores and at BeautyMNL (they go on sale here).

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