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It’s been around 10 months since I started assisting Noel and styling for KC.  She’s had other shows (Star Circle Quest kids, ASAP Rocks), but we started on The Buzz for her while the others came and went, so it’s the show that we’ve been doing the longest with her. The Buzz is sortof reformatting, and they want to tone down the fashion and go for a simpler style, though I think we’ve always stayed simple and clean.  So I don’t really know how much change we’re talking about here in terms of KC’s wardrobe.  These are some of the outfits she’s worn on The Buzz so far.

Mango runway collection

Noel and I were in Mango (Rockwell), paying for our purchases, when I saw this video playing on the flatscreen behind the counter.  It was a fashion show, I assumed by Mango, and I thought, wow, how come I never see those dresses on the rack?  I pointed to the screen and asked the store manager as much.  “Where do we get that?” asked Noel.  Apparently, most of it isn’t really sold in the stores locally, and even the ones that are in stock aren’t even displayed (don’t ask me why). From the ones we liked onscreen, only one was available and it came from a different branch.  I believe we got the only piece here in Manila.  Plus, we did a lot of additional draping and sewing on this dreamy, peach chiffon dress, so it looks different from the one on their Spring/Summer runway collection.

Minidress by Joey Samson

A tri-color fitted dress by Joey Samson. Shoes from Walter Steiger.

Summer dress by Joey Samson

Teal stretch jersey summer dress by Joey Samson. Shoes from Prada.

Nautical look by Joey Samson

White halter top and wide-legged nautical pants by Joey Samson. Shoes from Prada.

Sunset colors by Joey Samson

In sunset colors by Joey Samson

Cobalt blue jumpsuit by Joey Samson

Electric blue suit by Joey Samson

Arleen Sipat

Lavender drape dress by Arleen Sipat

Louis Claparols

White and black gown by Louis Claparols. Shoes from Walter Steiger

Lilac dress by Noel Crisostomo
Lilac dress by Noel Crisostomo

Lilac dress by Noel Crisostomo

Same gown, close-up

Printed silk dress by Noel Crisostomo

Printed silk dress by Noel Crisostomo

Lady tux by Noel Crisostomo

Lady Tux by Noel Crisostomo

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