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I had my next post half-written before I left for Davao last Saturday, but I was bogged down with so much last minute work that I could only scribble in my Palm between tapings (more on that in future posts).  Sadly, this also meant that I was going to miss the Philippine Blog Awards 2010, in which I was a first time nominee and finalist for Best Fashion and Beauty Blog and Best Blog Design.

But I couldn’t have asked for a better homecoming when news reached me that The Reluctant Stylista won in both categories last December 12!  I couldn’t believe my luck–one is already incredible, but two?!  You might think I’m making too much of this, but 2010 has been a rough year on me and I dearly wanted that pat in the back for something that I truly love and worked hard for.

Skysenshi at the PBA 2010
The not-me photo from Azrael

My sister Bea was there as representative of The Reluctant Stylista and as finalist for The Otaku Fridge.  You can read more about the actual event on her blog.  I hastily reminded her before leaving for my long-awaited vacation to wear something chic in case I won.  My sister is pretty much a jeans and tee kind of girl, so she scrunched up her face at that.  If only I knew for sure that I would win, I would’ve taken time to pick out her outfit, and to hell with sleep deprivation!  I kept nagging her through text what it was that she said for her speech, but I’ll tell you now that for someone insanely talkative, it’s hard to drag clear details out of her.  I only know that she credited my boyfriend Paolo, who drew the different illustrations for my masthead, and that she was kilig over one ambush interview when she was told “Congratulations to your ate for winning!”  Ate being Tagalog for older sister–and no, my sister is actually seven years older than I am, but she looks pretty darn young especially since she’s forever in sneakers.

So, had I been there, this is pretty much what I would have said, only a lot shorter:

It’s funny how I’m winning something like this.  Six years ago, nobody would have associated the word fashion with me.  I can’t help but wonder what people who knew me back then would say now.  I was always one of the boys–getting broke over Counterstrike and Ragnarok, naively dreaming of working for Squaresoft, indulging in sports and eating two breakfasts like a hobbit everyday.


Okay, not much has changed.  Except maybe this time, I’m probably the best-dressed gamer in our circle (and the only one who cares).  Amusingly, the awards I got represent that fashionable geek persona.

Whatever The Reluctant Stylista is today, it was only possible through the help of many other people.

There’s my friend Alvin who was the first to push me to finally get the site up.  This blog is operating on WordPress now, but until last month, it was running on his own content management system. Every function was made from scratch!  It was all ready before I even had a design for it–which was the push I needed to get this blog started.  So if it hadn’t been for him, I probably would’ve procrastinated for about 6 months more.  He was the voice of encouragement during the formative months of RS.

My boyfriend Paolo worked on this WordPress version that you see now.  He tried to replicate the functions from the old site and made it even better.  He also drafted design version 2.0 and drew the beautiful illustrations on the header of this blog, which changes randomly.  All this despite the fact that nothing about fashion interests him.  I still ask him for help when I need to change something more complex, and he never complains.  I am extremely lucky to be surrounded by very knowledgeable and giving people.


To my early readership (the boys aside), which consisted mostly of my sister, my friend Aliza, and at times, even my mom.  Of course they were my number one fans (and during those first days, the only ones)!  I’m eternally grateful to them for keeping my comments space going in the beginning.  I didn’t feel much like a loser, talking to myself.

To Rowena of Animetric’s World, who was my guide of sorts when I started blogging for a local audience.  I’ve known her since I was 13, back in 1997 when I was still making websites in Notepad and Adobe Photoshop 4.0.  We were in the same fandom back then, along with my cousins and sister, and it’s funny how we’re sort of coming together again these days.  Thanks to her, I got my first taste of blogging events and introduction to other friendly bloggers.

To the local fashion blogging community who are proving to be the most fun and fabulous bunch this side of the blogosphere; to SoFA and DFW friends; people I’ve collaborated with; people who have been following this blog and have been cheering for RS at the Blog Awards, thank you!

Loui's FB post

My favorite shout out in FB so far.  Haha!

Congratulations also to the rest of the winners and finalists!  I must admit I was already pretty happy being a finalist myself, and was very intimidated with the other blogs listed in my category (one in particular made me laugh out loud and backread her entries).  Do check them out when you get the chance!

Irrational Fits of Beauty
Paddylast Inc

You can see the complete list of winners at The Philippine Blog Awards website or you can read the news at Top Philippine bloggers named.

Philippine Blog Awards 2010
Photo from  Aww, I wish I’d been there!

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