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I got an interesting invite to the Watsons Beauty Lab a week ago. I must admit that I haven’t been too keen about attending events since the year started, and it’s not like I have all the time in the world anymore. But as luck would have it, I’m having a reprieve this month from hardcore styling duties, and just in time, Kira dragged me along with her because we haven’t seen each other since November last year! Plus, I’ve never been to a Watsons Beauty Lab event, and apparently, it’s when they introduce exciting new products to a select group of people. I’m glad to be part of it this year.  Just wait ’til you get a hold of the new stuff–I’m already head over heels in love with the new hair care line. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s do an outfit shot first since it’s been ages the last time I got a decent one.

outfit of the day photo
Photo by Kira
Jumpsuit: Details
Bra: Contessa from House of Vanita
Shoes: Confetti
Necklace: Bosquejo Bazaar
Lipstick: Nyx Louisiana

Curiously enough, I bought the suit right after writing my article for POC, “Do men hate what you’re wearing?” and jumpsuits are in the list.  Haha!  I don’t care.  And fortunately, when I did ask Pao what he thought of it, he said he liked it…just not the plunging neckline with the peekaboo bra.  Of course he’d say that!  But that’s my favorite bra already, from House of Vanita.  It fits like a dream.  I want to go back and hoard it!  Too bad I can’t wear it with everything because it’s lacy, and I don’t want the design to be embossed against fabrics like cotton.

When I arrived at th event, I was wearing Nyx’s Tea Rose, but eventually, I swiped on Louisiana, a stronger shade of pink, since I was already wearing all black (except of course, for the screaming turquoise shoes). I definitely love my new haul of Nyx from Carefree Shopper.  Reviews and swatches soon.

Arianna necklace from Boquejo Bazaar
Photo: Karl Leuterio
Necklace: Arianna from Bosquejo Bazaar

The gorgeous necklace is from Bosquejo Bazaar by the very talented Miguel Celestial.  I had the honor of meeting him in person last January.  I’m going to write more about his unique accessory designs soon; his necklaces are always a surefire way to start conversations when I’m wearing them.  Actually, I’m due to meet with him again since I have to have a bit of repairing done on this one.  Miguel wanted to realign it before selling it to me, but I was so excited about the necklace that I said it was okay.  I should’ve believed him!  But look at it–even if it’s a broken, it looks great.

Now back to the Watson’s Beauty Lab.  Thanks to Jenny Yrasuegui and Celine Gabriel-Lim, Kira and I were invited for brunch as we waited for the new products the Watson’s team was going to tell us all about.

Watsons Beauty Lab

2nd’s at Bonifacio High Street.  The entrance to this place is nondescript, so you have to know where you’re going.  It’s across The Spa, above Agave and beside the Nike store. Whew!  But I love that it’s so secretive, haha! Perfect for intimate gatherings, no?

Apple Crumble~!

Dessert: Apple Crumble.  I squee’d when I saw it because I’ve been craving for it the last couple of days.  I used to love Domino’s apple crumble, but you hardly see Domino’s around (are they still alive?).

Brunch at 2nds

Guests enjoying their meals

I’ve been pretty impressed with SM and Watsons these past few months.  I always pass by the SM Beauty section in SM Makati, and I must say the change is fantastic.  They’ve expanded and improved dramatically–from the products they now carry to the overall layout of the area.  They have wider aisles now and bigger fixtures, and the lighting is just perfect.  Everything seems bright, clean and classy.  And now there are more knowledgeable Beauty Associates who provide expert advice to shoppers with specific needs.  They hold events and launches there and it doesn’t look out of place, it looks sophisticated.

Watsons Beauty Lab 2011

Watsons Pure Beauty Super Brightening line

test drive Pure Beauty Brightening!
Day cream, night cream, toner, multi cleanser, eye gel, essence, day lotion with SPF 15

I haven’t tried these yet, as I am a little wary about whitening products.  While I do like the dark spots on my face and body to even out, I’m never really sure if that’s what they just do.  I don’t want to whiten all over, I just want evenly toned skin.  I’m told that this line is more for brightening than whitening, which I hope is really the case.

Watsons Pure Beauty Black Pearl

Watsons Pure Beauty Black Pearl line

Now this is something I’m really excited to try.  I’m in my late twenties (or almost there anyway), and the Pure Beauty Black Pearl line is specialized for aging needs.  I haven’t really tried anything yet for anti-aging except for eye creams, and I think now is a good time to start.  I’m especially curious about the Youth Restore Essence because it’s their key product for the range.

Pure Beauty Hair Care
Watsons Pure Beauty Haircare Treatment range

Now this is a real treat.  I’ve been told during this meeting that this hair care line’s quality is comparable to expensive brands like Shiseido.  I didn’t give it much thought, since that could’ve just been sales talk.  But I tried it out soon after and I was frankly amazed at the results.  I haven’t tried everything yet, but from what I can tell, the conditioner is definitely a keeper!  I will write a more detailed review for this whole line soon.

Have you spotted these at Watsons yet?  I know I’m definitely going back for the products that work for me.  I can’t wait to try everything else!

Kira and I at Friday's

And of course after brunch, Kira and I had to eat again. Haha! Photo op at Friday’s!

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