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At the height of my Multiply shopping days years ago, Vanilla & Co was always on the top of my list.  So much so that it’s the only store enrolled in my online bank account so that I don’t have to physically go out and deposit money to make my payments. I loved it that much.

Those days of online shopping are now over, and I’ve since taken a break from Vanilla & Co when I decided to try organic bath and body products.  I rediscovered V & Co again when I dropped by Sesou (there’s one in Trinoma and another in Glorietta, where I buy more often), one of my favorite places to buy organic goods. Nowadays, V & Co have products that are touted organic as well. I’m not 100% sure it’s organic, but most of the ingredients seem all-natural and chemical-free.

Vanilla & Co


Unfortunately, they have very few of their variants sold in Sesou.  And if you’ve been to V & Co’s shopping website, you’ll know what I mean–you’ll go crazy with the list of their Pure Cocoa and Shea Whipped Buttercream and scrubs because they all sound divinely delicious that you’ll want to try them all (what with names like Glazed Donut, Lemon Meringue, Strawberry Cheesecake, Frapuccino, Milky Almond with Honey, Mango Tango Cream, French Vanilla and others).  Fortunately, one of my all-time favorites is sold in Sesou: Chocolate & Hazelnut Pure Shea & Cocoa Whipped Buttercream.

I don’t regularly wear perfume, so I used to rely on scented lotions and body butters a lot.  And my favorite scents are usually chocolate-based, which is why I love V & Co for their desserts-smelling products.  The scent is never overpowering and Pao claims I sometimes smell like freshly baked cookies–and yes, I like that.  Even my clothes taken off after a long day smells yummy.  When I used to have a regular day job, my officemates would claim they knew I was coming because they’d smell Hershey’s in the air.  If you hate the smell of cocoa–and yes, I was shocked to find out that such a person exists–there are other scents to choose from that are mostly vanilla-based.

I like the formulation because it passes my scratch test (I usually scratch my arm after long hours to check for dryness).  It’s not so heavy like most body butters and doesn’t feel greasy as soon as I let it dry.  It’s easier to spread as soon as you’re out of the bath/shower, so that’s when I apply it.

My other favorites from Vanilla & Co: Moisturizing Hair and Body Mist (they used to have this in Cream Vanilla only, now they have it in other scents, too. It works like conditioner and perfume for me), Chocolate Body Oil (hard to spread unless your body is still a bit damp, but I love the scent anyway) and their Whipped Buttercream Scrubs, which basically the same variants as their Pure Shea & Cocoa Whipped Buttercream.

Vanilla & Co
Ingredients: Water, Shea Butter, Vegetable Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol (from coconut oil), Thebroma Cacao (cocoa), Seed Butter, Vitamin E, Dimethicone (.002%; skin protector, moisturizer and noncomodogenic), Fragrance oil.

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