The Reluctant Stylista

I’m really a south girl at heart, and I rarely venture to Quezon City onwards.  But I hied off to UP Diliman to see Dulaang UP’s Shock Value with my sister and my friend Aliza and then to SM North (my first time there) to attend styling class under Noel Manapat.

I haven’t been inside UP Diliman since the day I took the UPCAT.  My first choice really was the school I ended up with because I wanted to be in Computer Science and DLSU was the best for that at the time (though I didn’t graduate with that course, har har).  But UPD, whether it liked me or not, was my very close second choice (and the course Journalism) because what I knew of it spelled to me college freedom, the real deal.  It always seemed to me like UP students had a lot of wild fun, and in comparison, DLSU didn’t seem to differ much from my cloistered Catholic school girl existence then.  Besides, they had a biiiiiig campus, one that I still envy to this day that I didn’t have when I was in college.

And so my sister Bea and Aliza toured me around UP.  My sister graduated from her first course in UP Manila, actually, but she’s taking her doctorate studies now in the Diliman campus, while Aliza is also a UP Manila graduate whom I teased relentlessly by announcing at random that she’s a faker and she didn’t really belong to that campus and acting like a know-it-all.  I had a kick out of seeing her cower from onlookers who’d hear me, embarrassed by my shameless yelling and my weird dressing.  She was sure that it was oh so obvious I didn’t belong to the place because I was in this Larry Alcala boyfriend shirt, shorts, stockings and patent booties.

But we were in UP Diliman, and people don’t care cos they’re cool like zat.


Larry Alcala boyfriend shirt, Pedestrian stockings

Larry Alcala boyfriend shirt, Pedestrian stockings

Also, I love my stockings!  If it isn’t obvious yet, I’m a sucker for patterned hoisery.  I got this one called Pedestrian from Sock & Sole, an online shop after my own heart.  I went crazy with their selection!  I had to wait and follow up my orders for some time, but it was worth it.  Besides, they were still on their soft opening then.

Larry Alcala boyfriend shirt

Larry Alcala boyfriend shirt

Larry Alcala boyfriend shirt

I’m giving away a Larry Alcala shirt from SOLO on my next post, so stay tuned!

We had a grand time watching Shock Value, a thoroughly entertaining show directed by Alex Cortez.  John Lapus and Mylene Dizon are part of the cast, although we caught the 10am show on a Saturday and they weren’t in it.  Nevertheless, it was a joy to watch such a talented cast!  Dulaang UP is still showing it on September 23, 24, 25, 26, 29, 30 and October 1-3.  On weekdays the show starts on 7pm, but on weekends they have 10am and 3pm shows.  For more detailed information about the show, check out my sister’s write-up.  For tickets, you can contact Cherry Bong Z. Edralin (Marketing Manager) 0917-750-0107 / 0918-591-8887 or Dulaang UP 926 1349 / 218-3791.

Dulaang UP: Shock Value

After the show, I demanded to be taken to Chocolate Kiss, where I heard the food was good.  I ordered Callos, which isn’t shown in the photo as we were all busy stuffing our faces with the grub.

Chocolate Kiss

I was sorry to leave UPD when I had to, because I was still having fun and there were lots more to explore, but I’ll be back soon for camwhoring sessions (they have plenty of nice locations) and more plays by Dulaang UP.  I had to go to SM North for a styling class with Noel Manapat, who was so nice and even let us go backstage on his Bench show to briefly act as dressers for the models.  I’ve had this experience before in previous styling classes with Luis Espiritu, and of course I’ve done a bit of freelance styling myself and as I’m not a bigshot with assistants and dressers, I was usually doing all the nitty gritty by my lonesome.  I’m pretty used to it, but some of my classmates who weren’t seemed overwhelmed.  And the gorgeous half-naked people were the least of their problems, haha.


Reluctant Stylista at the Skydome

Sorry, all photos you see here were taken by my sister and Aliza, as I didn’t bring my own camera.  Which means, no backstage photos to share, sadly.  This is the only souvenir I can share of my first time in SM North.  I’ll try to get plenty more behind the scene photos next time!  For now, maybe you can take a look back at the Metro Bodies shoot I participated in last year, which was pretty similar except there were more nekkid people.

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