The Reluctant Stylista

Today’s outfit post is an example of my usual casual getup and is possibly the style that most of my friends are familiar with.  Once, while working backstage, I asked my stylist friends how they’d describe my fashion style, and funnily enough, they cited several genres.  I suppose I can get a little schizophrenic when it comes to dressing up.  Even with work, I rarely style a look that I’ve worn myself (or would normally wear).  My personal looks would range from costumey to girly, street chic to glamazon, but I guess it’s really just boils down to having fun with my wardrobe and not taking fashion too seriously.

I would say this is typical of me, because I like comfy tops, fitted jeans, high heels, neon and rings.  In recent years, I find that I’m fond of wearing rings more than any other accessory.  I rarely wear earrings nowadays.

Outfit of the Day: Tough, Girlie

Top: Eastwood tiangge / Necklaces: Wellmanson’s and some shop in Singapore / Rings: Love Diva / Jeans: Cheap Monday (my absolute favorite pair of jeans as of late) / Shoes: Primadonna

Outfit of the Day: Tough, Girlie

The top was given to me by my friend Nayna, when I stayed overnight at her place one time and I didn’t have a change of clothes with me.  Nayna has this talent for spotting the comfiest shirts and tops that you’ll love to death.  She told me to keep it, because it was flowery and too girly for her anyway.  I may not be the girliest person that people would think of, but I do like mixing it up.  The top is versatile when it comes to street wear.  In this instance, I paired it with my favorite Cheap Monday jeans and heels from Primadonna (one of the rare pumps I’ve managed to stick to my heels with the aid of gel pads).  The result is a casual look that’s a little rock and roll yet still feminine, too.

Outfit of the Day: Tough, Girlie

I like layering necklaces!

Outfit of the Day: Tough, Girlie

I rarely get to wear silver accessories, though, as I usually favor gold.


What about you?  What’s your personal style (or can you even tell)?


Photos by Nio Manzano.

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