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I was such a fan of TIGI Bed Head‘s Epic Volume that when ARC offered to let me try another from the shampoo line, I was thrilled.  I was thisclose to getting Epic Volume again, but I’ve heard so much buzz about Urban Antidotes from other bloggers during events that I finally gave in to the hype.

My hair scare last year has made me more aware of finding shampoos that take care of damaged hair.  I solved that mostly through taking Vitamin E tablets, but I never found shampoo that worked just as well until TIGI Bed Head.  I was already impressed with the results of Epic Volume, and that wasn’t even made for damaged hair in particular–Urban Anti-Dotes was.

What it says:

Urban Antidote #3: Admitting is the first step! Bring dead-end hair back to life once and for all. Formula targets areas in the most need of repair, giving your whacked out hair the revival it has been waiting for!

  • Revives lifeless hair
  • Thermal protection from harsh conditions
  • Zeros in on dry, damaged hair

#3 indicates the damage level, and it’s the worst or highest level.  This shampoo is recommended for weak brittle hair that needs an intervention.

TIGI Bedhead Urban Antidotes Resurrection
As a rule, TIGI Bed Head products always have fabulous packaging and they smell grrreat

I’ve read some reviews in Amazon, and the item description says that you can use the shampoo and conditioner everyday.  Now, TIGI Bed Head is quite pricey, this one no exception.  So it’s actually good news that you don’t have to use this that often to get results.  In fact, Kira already warned me beforehand that Urban Antidotes’ formula is so potent that it’s better not to use daily.  I completely agree.

Using the shampoo and conditioner makes your hair incredibly healthy, smooth and shiny.  Just a little bit goes a long way, and it works up to a very nice lather.  As I mentioned before, it’s a bit expensive to get locally–the shampoo costs P1850 and the conditioner is P1930.  I tried looking for it in Singapore while I was there in case it might be cheaper, but I didn’t find any (or I might not have been looking at the right places).  So while it may be expensive here, once you get to use it, you’ll understand the hype.

I have wavy-curly hair which at turns becomes either just wavy, or really curly.  Urban Antidotes leaves my hair feeling soft as well and much more manageable.  It does what it says.  There’s only one other shampoo that I like better than this, and it’s Epic Volume…though only because it delivers the same results (for me) but Epic Volume gives me, well, epic volume that’s better-looking for my curls.  When I use Urban Antidotes, my hair is more wavy than curly.  I did notice though, that you only have to use very little of Urban Antidotes to get the results that you want.  In comparison, I used Epic Volume daily and quite liberally.

Bloggers Lauren and Phoebe Ann, who both have experience with extreme hair damage due to hair coloring and sea and sun exposure, love Urban Antidotes.  So I think, if you’re dealing with that much damage, and do need a hair intervention, then this would be perfect for you.  If not so much, then you might consider going for a lower level (though I’m not sure #1 and #2 are available yet locally) or try out my favorite Epic Volume, also from TIGI Bedhead.

In a nutshell–

What to expect: smells great, smoother, softer, more manageable hair, damage repair, frizz tamer, a little goes a long way
What not to expect: affordable price, dandruff control

TIGI Bedhead urban antidotes resurrection level 3

Tip: If you want to get the best results with the conditioner, leave it on for a full 5 minutes!  Also, if you’re interested in winning some TIGI Bed Hhead products, you might want to like their Facebook page, because they give away products every now and then.

I’d like to thank ARC Public Relations Inc.–I would never have found out about FANTASTIC hair products such as TIGI Bed Head if it weren’t for them.  I don’t know if they’re just really picky or lucky, but the brands they’ve introduced me to are really impressive, and I’ve come to look forward to plenty of their events.  Most PR aren’t so adept at handling bloggers, and I love that ARC is always updated about what we love, what we’ve reviewed and other things that might interest us.

Bed Head in stores

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