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Whenever I shop for clothes, I always browse through men’s aisles as well.  You never know what hidden gem you might find.  This floral shirt I scored from The Appraisery back when it was still in Greenhills (it’s now in Cubao X, and you should definitely drop by if you want your coffee, fashion and gaming fix).  When I saw this from the men’s rack, the groovy color combo made me grab for it.  I asked store owner Vic, “Is this really for men?”  He then explained to me that some hippie dude came in and had it appraised, and it was an authentic 70s shirt–hence the style and silhouette.  Men’s shirts then were quite tight and worn unbuttoned at the top, so that when I tried this on, it felt exactly my size.  The only giveaway that it was a man’s shirt was the fit on the shoulders (a little big, but not that noticeable), the length of the sleeves (too long, but could be cuffed up) and of course the right-hand buttons.

How would you dress up a vintage floral men’s shirt?  For myself, it took some flower clips, brown boots and some Daisy Dukes.  Oh, and a vintage pair of sunnies, too!  It’s a little cowgirl, but who cares?  I’ll rock it!

How to Dress Up Men's Floral 70s Shirt

How to Dress Up Men's Floral 70s Shirt

How to Dress Up Men's Floral 70s Shirt

How to Dress Up Men's Floral 70s Shirt

How to Dress Up Men's Floral 70s Shirt

Shirt: The Appraisery / Shorts: Bench / Belt: Topshop / Flower clips: Accessorize / Boots: SM Parisian / Clutch: Ken Samudio / Hair color (because it’s always asked!): Park Jun Alabang. They used L’Oreal’s Golden Brown / Lipstick: Avon Sheer Pink
Photos by Nio Manzano

I ought to make a separate post for The Appraisery since it’s such a cool hangout.  You can take all kinds of clothes there to get them appraised, and if they decide to buy it from you, you can choose to have the payment in cash or store credits.  But that’s not the only thing it’s famous for. You can chill with a Kumbaya (a specialty-drink that’s off the menu)–although I prefer the alcohol-based ones, of course, and play casual games.  Don’t be intimidated by the gaming regulars!  When it’s not full, you can chat and ask questions from Vic or Luisa so you get a feel of the place better.

That said, here are some other ways you can dress up a floral shirt:

Go for big, round sunnies and cocktail rings!  You can probably also add some feather earrings like a Dreamcatcher or peacock, though I didn’t include it here.  Finish this casual retro look with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans, a brown leather sling bag or clutch and brown sandals.

How to Dress Up a Floral 70s Shirt

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11 Responses to “The Urban Hippie”

  1. Rae says:

    This is literally a ‘boyfriend’ shirt. It fits so well, I’m surprised.

  2. jean says:

    Cool shirt – i can wear that:)

  3. Bea says:

    The clip is so cuuute! It reminds me of when you were a baby and all your hair were concentrated on top of your head and none on the lower parts of your head. :D

  4. Very nice shirt! I need to travel outside my neighborhood more often! :) Lovely blog…will visit again!

  5. Eky says:

    Really wish I could find a job here that will allow me to wear casual clothing everyday so I can play dress up again. Hello, TDP tiemz with Alex! LOL

    I miss my shoes and accessories! I left all of them back in Manila. HUHU.

  6. Mutzii says:

    Wooooah! Love your floral top! xx

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