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Thrive stands for Transformative Healthy Regenerative Inspired Vegan Eating.  The diet is designed to recalibrate and detoxify the body by providing high quality nutrients.  This blog entry details the menu provided for Day 2, in my 3-Day Thrive Light Package from Edgy Veggy, and most of the writing was done in real time (while I was actually eating the food).  To know more about the hows and whys, frequently asked questions, and the results of my detoxification, I highly recommend you read Part 1: The Reluctant Vegan.

Read about the menu for Day 1 and Day 2.


Day 3 (January 23, Wednesday)


Breakfast: Buckwheat waffles with Peach compote


Thrive Vegan Detox Diet Day 3: Buckwheat Waffles with Pear Compote


I was in good spirits when I woke up probably because I really liked my food last night and I didn’t wake up feeling hungry. The best part? I measured my waist and though I have a fast metabolism, even I was pretty surprised—it was 24” flat. My normal is 25”, and I started Thrive at 26” ½ due to all the piggery that happened during my 8-day vacation.


My breakfast came early today! It was around 7:45 am. I’m glad to be eating something unsquishy for breakfast plus, it’s not too sweet. As it was buckwheat though, of course it doesn’t really taste anything. Even buckwheat noodles taste like cardboard, but like in Japanese restaurants where you dip them in sauce and suddenly it’s a whole lot better? Well, the peach compote helps make buckwheat waffles tastier. It’s not too different from eating whole wheat bread, actually.

Snack: Crudites with Dill Hummus and Mixed Greens Smoothie


Thrive Detox Day 3: Crudites and Dill


I’m just going to say it outright—Edgy Veggy makes really good hummus. I mean, I eat hummus even when they’re tasteless, like in plenty of Persian restaurants I’ve been to. They go well with other meat or pita, and everything doesn’t have to be so flavorful all at the same time, right? But man, I really like this dill hummus and like the one I ate on Day 1 with the flax seeds. This is a very healthy snack.


Lunch: Vegetable Curry and Bhelpuri


Thrive Vegan Detox Day 3: Vegetable Curry


I was excited about this because I love curry, but I was a little intimidated when I saw that there was so much green in there. Thankfully, it tasted great. I remember going through a vegan-challenge bet back in 2009 and this was one of my favorite dishes to make. Of course mine had a lot of potatoes, and this one didn’t—probably because with Thrive, we’re keeping it light. Still delicious, though.


Thrive Vegan Detox Day 3: Bhelpuri

Thrive Vegan Detox Day 3: Bhelpuri


The Bhelpuri was a nice surprise. I’ve never had it before, and a quick Google search told me that it’s an Indian snack. It looked like an ordinary salad to me, but once I mixed in the dressing and the crackers, it was awesome. It was tangy, crackly and spicy and the fresh vegetables were deliciously crunchy and juicy.  I had a lot of fun finishing this.


Dinner: Japanese Tofu Steak with Teriyaki Sauce and Miso with Dumpling


Thrive Vegan Detox Diet Day 3: Japanese Tofu Steak

Thrive Vegan Detox Diet Day 3: Miso Soup with Dumpling


After sampling this, I’ve now decided that dinners are the best part of Thrive.  The Japanese tofu steak was very delicious, and it’s definitely different from Teriyaki Boy’s oily meaty version.  Next to the stuffed zucchini I had yesterday, this is my favorite Thrive meal.  The bits of crumbled tofu was the best part for me, I was scooping it up along with the strips of nori.  I like eating nori (dried seaweed) by the packs, and in bigger strips, but sliced thinly, they really complemented the whole dish.  The Teriyaki sauce was light, which is even better, because I don’t normally go for the thick and overly sweet ones.

The miso soup with dumpling was good as well–I didn’t even notice the bean sprouts that much, haha!  This dinner was very light, but filling as well as delicious.  Best of all, it was healthy.  And I almost never get to say that about any of my usual dinners.


Some notes after the 3-Day Thrive Detox Program

If you’ve read the overview, you’ll know that I went on to lose more inches off the waistline even after Day 3.  By Day 5, I was at 23.5 inches.  I still don’t know how that happened.  Rice was back in my diet by Day 4, but I was also eating vegetables even if I wasn’t in the detox anymore.  So as far as introducing vegetables in my regular meals, it’s worked.  It’s still not my favorite food, but it’s a huge change from before.  I just have to stick to it–since I can’t really give up my favorite food just yet (namely beef), I just want to add healthier alternatives in there (yeah just to be really “daring” I now pick through some fish).  Now to get exercise in my daily routine, too. Ahem.

Baby steps.

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