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So as promised, here’s a sneak preview of what I’m going to be selling at the Bloggers United bazaar on December 3.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to take photos of all the clothes.  But most of them are going to be at the P100-200 range.  There are some, however, like designer pieces that will sell for higher of course, but definitely nothing above P2000.

So first, the good news. There are loads of freebies and great stuff at Bloggers United 2, but The Reluctant Stylista booth will also have its own giveaway.

1) We’ll give special gifts for every P500 purchase.

2) All buyers will automatically qualify for our raffle. We’ll give away 2 Benefit Crystal Lip glosses, 2 pairs of Eyelash Diva natural black with glue and 1 Jenova triple pinky (lip+cheek tint that lasts a loooong while, even after being underwater! I tested it out in Boracay).

3) As a special treat to my readers, I’ll be giving away products from Dove, Pure Beauty, H Bella, Elizabeth Arden, Skin Food, Cosmo Skin, Obagi, Watson’s, Belo and more!  No purchase needed!  All you have to do is drop by my booth, say the secret password and then you draw lots for your prize. Don’t worry, none of the rolled up pieces of paper there will say anything like Thank You for Trying, that just sucks and I hate that so you won’t get that from me.

The password: “I love Reluctant Stylista

The cheesier the password, the better, eh?  At least it should be easy enough to remember for everyone.  It’ll only be until all my stuff are given away, so you better be there early!

And of course, I’m having a SALE on bath and beauty products, exclusive at the Bloggers United bazaar!  Check these out:

Benefit shine with box

Benefit Ultra shine lip gloss

Benefit Ultra Shine Crystal Gloss for P500. Original market price is P800.

Bathina for P1500. Original selling price: P1980

Bella Bamba

Bella Bamba 3D blush for P1400 from P1800.

benefit Dandelion blush

Benefit Dandelion blush for P1400. Original selling price: P1800.

Erase Paste with Box

Erase paste for P900. Original selling price: P1300

feeling cheeky set

Feeling cheeky set for P1000. Original selling price: P1400.

Rush hour

Rush hour for P800. Original selling price: P1200.

Elf products for as LOW AS P88! And this is not the Elf you see in SM Department store that was manufactured in the Philippines.

Elf Grand Eye palette

Elf palette

elf beauty encyclopedia

Some clothes by Pia Gladys Perey:


Pia Gladys

Another dress from Zara:


I hope that got you guys excited!  See you there!

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