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The Parisian Bloggers Challenge: That was one hell of a ride.

Parisian Bloggers' Challenge

Last April, you may have been caught with me in a frenzy of online voting for a contest–something that I thought I would NEVER participate in.  But I was easily lured by Parisian shoes and again, what’s not to like?  I got to hang out with my blogger friends and we were all having fun getting primped up and having beautiful shoes and bags to take home with us while we had pros to work with us for a shoot.  That event was already fun to begin with, and I think many of us, especially me, were already quite content with the whole experience (and, I must admit, I was also charmed by the idea of getting a really unique photograph out of it).  I didn’t even entertain the thought of placing in the contest until the end of the first week of voting.  In fact, I remember distinctly talking and laughing with bloggers Melai and JL at the idea of getting into the top 3. I actually secretly disagreed with the two; they, at least, stood a better chance of winning than I did.

And it isn’t false modesty, or anything.  I’m not one of those fashion bloggers who have legions of followers attentive at my every outfit post.  In fact, my own outfit posts are pretty rare because I’m too lazy to take them, and the majority of my posts are about my styling work and behind the scenes footage of yes, even more of my work.  I don’t blog as often nor do I have the luxury of moderating all my blog comments in time.  I do have a lot of friends–in fashion, design and my gaming circles–but about 90% of them only have a vague idea that I blog and about that same number don’t really know what I write about.  In fact, when some of them ask about my blog in passing, and I sheepishly or reluctantly have to admit/explain my fashion blogging, I get the feeling they’re thinking, “Oh, she writes on the internet about fashion, how cute.”

It turns out, though, that I had thoroughly underestimated my network.  (And my very, very large family from both sides, spanning several continents. Am suddenly reminded of how unpopular birth control methods were back in the day.)

Sure, they didn’t care much about my blogging and most of them have never even seen it, but I was taken by surprise at the sheer intensity of everyone who wanted to see me win.  It was absurd!  Most of my friends even HATE apps in Facebook.  I was really actually just poking fun at campaigning for myself at first (see the memes I made below), but the response was overwhelming.  I couldn’t understand it, but by the time the second week of voting was rolling in, I realized I actually had a fighting chance and then my brother and my friend Aliza brainstormed with me and marshaled our way to the top.  Actually, I owe it the most to these two because they were really the campaign managers.  My brother was just telling me off for not taking it seriously enough, haha!  He said that I’ve always been the least competitive of us siblings, that I always just seem to be goofing off or having that air of being “just happy to be here”!

I posted an old school ID as part of my “campaign” with the message: “Habang may buhay, may pag-asa“.
I don’t believe in ugly girls, only lazy women, hahaha!

Some people actually thought that I wanted to pass this photo off as real.
HAHAHA!  I would definitely be denied entry at the station if I wore that outfit!
(This was actually based on a running joke that started during a drinking party.)

Well, a friend did say I was probably the closest to an LGBT contestant there so I deserved the ‘stache

But now, it’s time to give back.  I ended up winning second place and was for about 3-4 hours (as I was thoroughly reminded on the day before the last voting day, while I was out working on a weekend again) a shocking first placer.  I was amazed at how competitive my friends were–I did remind them that all three winners were getting the same prize, but I was secretly touched that they were so enthusiastic about it (I mean, it couldn’t be the gcs for shoes–more than half of them were either straight men who couldn’t care less or girls who don’t share the same love of shoes as I do).

With the exception of the very first name since was basically my campaign manager (and she can seriously make a career out of it–I was surprised that people who had no idea who I am–except that she associates with me–were voting for me conscientiously), here is the list of winners drawn via

1. Aliza Conde
2. Sharon Sawal
3. Ken dela Rama
4. Tin Eviota
5. Mira Rempillo
6. Summer Jalandoni
7. Lance Christopher Roman
8. Grace Patdu
9. Rose Dalida-Gabutero
10. Charmaine Camara

Congratulations and thank you so much for the support! Each will receive P1,000 gift certificate from Parisian and P1,000 gift certificate from SM.  I will get in touch with you soon with details as to how to claim your prize.

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