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I’ve only heard great things about JuRo Salon Exclusif.  The extremely talented duo Jude and Rose know healthy, beautiful hair.  Some people even fly in to the country just to get serviced by them!  They’re just that good.  So I was excited to try an exclusive of theirs–but I also asked a lot of questions, because it’s the Japanese blowout.  See, I’ve heard of Brazilian blowouts, and though I think they look absolutely gorgeous, I wasn’t sure it was for me.  I have naturally wavy-curly hair, the kind that curls more at the ends rather than start at the roots, and I absolutely do not want to have straight hair.  My apologies to ARC supergirl Krissy for enduring my interrogation.  She reassured me that the Japanese blowout was not going to straighten my hair–and that only piqued my curiosity.  What is it then?

Turns out, JuRo’s Japanese blowout is more reconstructive in nature.  It’s a gentle procedure, quite different from Brazilian blowouts that are actually banned in several countries for having high concentrations of chemicals involved in its process.

Jude is quick to prove that there is a whole school of thought behind the JuRo Japanese Blowout. ‘Just because hair is glossy doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s in the pink of health. What the method targets is the structure itself, improving the overall texture and quality to eliminate frizz and damage,’ he adds.


JuRo Salon Exclusif: Japanese Blowout with Alex Lapa and Celine Gabriel Lim

Before the Japanese blowout

Celine Gabriel and I tried the Japanese blowout at the same time.  This was done early November, about a month now, so I was growing out my ugly ombre then and obviously my hair was racked with dryness and frizz.

JuRo Salon Exclusif: Japanese Blowout, healthier than Brazilian blowout

JuRo Salon Exclusif: Japanese Blowout, healthier than Brazilian blowout

The very first step was to wash our hair, of course.  Then Jude, the precision cutter who was probably itching to lop off chunks of my hair from the get-go, asked if I was okay with a little trim.  I mentioned I was trying to grow out the ombre anyway, so I gave him leave to do so.  But before that, he trimmed my undercut, first.  Then I was handed back to Miss Rose’s capable hands to start the Japanese blowout.  She explained how she and Jude researched heavily on the blowout, going to and from Japan, meticulously learning the methods from the hair masters who were at first reluctant to part with the knowledge and technology.  But they persevered–and now the Japanese blowout is here.

Containing the perfect balance of protein and other components that is gentle and effective, the process strongly considers client safety a priority.  Composed of two simple steps, the JuRo Japanese Blowout suits all hair types and is unique to JuRo Salon Exclusif.

‘It’s something you can’t get anywhere else,’ says Rose. ‘With the JuRo Japanese Blowout, great service is our product.  It’s attention to detail, the way you work the product in, how long you leave it there, it’s everything that makes the difference.’ she says.


JuRo Salon Exclusif: Japanese Blowout, healthier than Brazilian blowout

JuRo Salon Exclusif: Japanese Blowout, healthier than Brazilian blowout

Jude finally gave me a good 4-5 inch cut while my hair was wet so now the ombre is barely visible.  After about 3 hours, they had my hair blown dry and then ironed to seal in the treatment that was used.  Then Jude again checked my hair once it was dry to see if additional correction was needed.  That’s how meticulous they are about hair!

The practice is composed of an initial 5-10 minute softening phase, involving  the application of a Thioglycerine-rich solution, followed by a blow-dry and ironing to seal the nutrients within strands. In under two hours, patrons get a head full of lustrous, manageable, and frizz-free tresses that lasts for about 3-5 months. To ensure maximum longevity JuRo Salon Exclusif recommends a care regimen similar to that for color-treated hair, with sulphate-free shampoos and weekly masques.


JuRo Salon Exclusif: Hair cutting with expert Jude

JuRo Salon in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

With Jude and Rose of JuRo Salon in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

I bet most people haven’t seen me with straight hair.  This is one of those rare times.  It had to stay like this for a while, because I couldn’t get it wet for about 12 hours.

JuRo's Japanse Blowout before and after

The left picture was taken a week after the procedure.  What I noticed was how convenient it was not to have your hair sticking out in the morning when you wake up.  I could just easily brush my hair with my fingers and it would look fabulous and practically frizz-free.  There is a chemical smell that wears off about a week or so, which I didn’t really find inconvenient.  After a month, I still get some frizz, but it easily smooths out once I run my palm across them.

I definitely did not lose my curls, which I love, but there was one thing I was excited to get–a fringe!  Bangs or fringes are tricky if you have wavy hair.  But I got one early this month (I debated if it would look ugly with my current undercut and ultimately decided I can live with it over the holidays, when only family would see me), eager to test it out while I still had the effects of the Japanese blowout and TADA–that’s the second photo.  I’m an idiot when it comes to setting my own hair or making a full fringe behave with a blow dryer, so what you see there is pretty much wash and wear.  Wavy and curly haired girls will know–that’s pretty impressive.

My Japanese blowout is about 7,000php.  I’m in my second month now, and I still love it.  Do I think it’s worth it?  If it lasts til next month, then yes, it is!



JuRo is by Jude Hipolito and Rose Velasco.

Kensington Place, Unit 2D
1st Ave corner 29th St. (near Burgos Circle)
Crescent Park West, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

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