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So I’ve been writing for The Philippine Online Chronicles’ Beauty and Fashion channel since February this year.  But apart from Liz whom I met during an Ipanema event and bumped into Greenbelt 3 once, and Lauren whom I met during the Promod styling contest, I’ve never met the rest of the girls.  I’ve lurked in their blogs, though, except maybe for the new writers.

Anyway, our editor Liz decided it was about time all of us meet up for dinner, get to know each other and have a girly night out.  Usually I’d balk at this sort of thing, because I’d often feel like I’m out of my element in an all-girl group.  Sure, I love fashion, but that may just be the only thing they have in common with geeky, tomboyish, bookish me.  But I’ve had the opportunity to interact with Kira (with whom I exchange beauty product raves and reviews almost every other update, haha), Mara and Lyn online through our blogs, twitter and POC, so of course I was curious about them!

So we all agreed and met up in Mile-Hi Diner at the Fort last Saturday.  It was the perfect place for a meet-up on a Saturday night because it wasn’t crowded at all and we could still hear each other talk.


Girls at Mile Hi
Counter-clockwise starting from leftmost: Gem, Liz, Mara, Lyn, Me!, Kira and Tanya.  Sorry about the photos.  I disliked the very yellow output of my photos (and I couldn’t fix my camera’s WB in time) so I just went Lightroom happy and did a lomo and cross-processed effect on everything.


Girls at Mile Hi

This time with Ms. Noemi Dado and her daughter, Lauren.  They arrived when we were having dessert already, since Lauren came from styling classes at the Tan-Gan Fashion Workshop.  I’m so curious about that one and how it compares to my classes at SOFA.  I wanted to enroll, but I was so busy with work then that I wasn’t able to see to it.  Now I’ll be hearing about it from Lauren, so at least I know if I’ll be getting my money’s worth if I do enroll next term and if they’re going to have the students create an actual styling portfolio (I mean, I made my own already but shouldn’t it be a requirement of the curriculum?  We didn’t have it at SOFA). Plus, I hear Millet Arzaga’s teaching her (if I’m not mistaken, she’s done a lot of PULP spreads) and they’re only 4 in class!  I’d prefer that so the class is really focused and intensive.

It was funny because though I initially thought I may not be girly enough to keep up with the chatter, we actually ended up discussing boys, dating, Chuvaness’ giveaways (unbelievable! Whoever won, I hate you) and Gretchen Barretto’s fugly facelift (why did you do it?? Whyyyyyy??) among other showbiz chismis.  I was probably dishing out about half of the gossip that night.  Can’t get any girlier than that I suppose!


Gem and Liz

Gem and Liz

My burger steak

My burger steak dinner! Yummy.

Me and Kira

Photo grabbed from Liz. Me and Kira (again, not my cat, who’s lounging below)


(Hey, if Kira–the person–can get away with pet photos on her blog, I can, too! I know, I know, this is just an excuse for me to brag about my adorable cat)

outfit post

Grabbed from Liz again.  An outfit photo I quite ruined with my weird pose. I love the skirt! It’s new, but not. I mean, it’s thrifted. I’m saving that for another post!


Mara in Forever 21


We should all definitely meet up for dinner again.  If only for decent outfit photos because I am so not used to it, I just ruin everything.  Haha!  Plus, I may have running buddies in Mara and Lyn.  Will I really, finally be using my special running shoes?  Dun dun dun!

Plus, I haven’t met Rizel and Gela yet since they weren’t able to make it that night.


Afterwards, I met up with some of my DLSU college buddies in Agave at Bonifacio High Street.  Where we endured crappy service for their bottomless chips and margaritas.


That’s weird Gino, his quite normal gf Vetz, potty-mouthed Loui and moi


Now with Jay, Luigi and Alvin added to the mix


View the other hi-res photos by clicking on the thumbnails below!

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