The Reluctant Stylista

It’s been a long day and I really just want to crawl back into bed.  But I am trying to update this blog more often and I don’t want to break the streak now.  Hence, you’re getting a quick OOTD post from me, taken last Saturday when we bloggers had our first look at Wink (more about that in the next post).  I jokingly told Kira, as I haggled down the price for this unused dress of hers at the last Bloggers United (she was my booth mate), that this is such a sweet, virginal frock.  It couldn’t be sweeter and girlier except maybe if it had been pink.  It looks like a 16 year-old should be wearing it!

In my head: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.  Most people are so used to seeing me in a rougher, more maldita style of dressing that I thought this would be fun to wear.  I wore this to my family’s big Christmas party and I won Best Dressed, with prize money, so you could say there was instant return of investment haha!

The Demure (or not) White Sundress

Well, at least you’d think it was demure until you see the back part.  That’s where it’s more me.

The Demure (or not) White Sundress


Green clogs, white sundress

Sorry the lighting was weird.  These shoes are my mom’s!

The Demure (or not) White Sundress

White and neon earrings from H&M

The Demure (or not) White Sundress

White ring from H&M. I also had gel polish on, but it unfortunately chipped a day after it was applied.


So what do you think of Kira’s dress?  I robbed her blind, you know, as I haggled it from P400 down to P100.  But I got my karma: it looks sunny and cheerful in the photos but I was actually having the WORST morning that day.  I was flagged down Osmena Highway (which wasn’t even my usual route) for a random smoke test and of course everybody fails that.  I forgot to be charming because I was hungry and in a hurry so I had to pay a fine instead.  No, I didn’t think to act cute and helpless, either (gag) and I was wearing a cardigan over this dress.  I honestly think I can’t plead myself out of tickets.  I wish I would never have to.  I was more bothered by the fact that I could’ve easily avoided the situation numerous times, but oh well.  Lesson learned!

Sweet Lily Cupcakes

And oh yeah, I just had to get this in here.  Holding up a Tiffany blue-colored box of cupcakes seemed like a beautiful accessory to my outfit (yes, I often accessorize with food, why not) and this looked as girly as I felt that day.  Well, after I got fined, I was so angry (and hungry) that I had to eat a few of these.  I had meant to share it with my friend Marcus whom I hadn’t seen it in a while–but he knows me well enough that I need my sugar fix to keep my temper in check.  And yes, it did the trick.  If you’re interested, you can visit Sugar Lily Cupcakes and Pastries. It’s only P400 for a box of 12!


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