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I went to The Collective yesterday for the Brown Bag Market.  I’ve been curious about this place for some time since it’s a fairly new spot they’ve been likening to Cubao X.  The latter, with all its quaint thrift shops, art galleries, film screenings and indie music scene makes it one of my favorite haunts since college.  I go there when friends have a gig, an exhibit or whenever I’m in the area after an ukay jaunt.

I was also invited by Nori to attend Awearness Eco Fashion and Beauty forum taking place at The Collective, and so with good reason, I invited my friend Aliza and my sister Bea along to check out the place with me (and buy themselves new clothes and accessories, as I always harangue them).

The Collective is located at Malugay st. in Makati City.  The street is parallel to Buendia, crossing Pasong Tamo and near Osmeña highway so it’s easy enough to reach via bus.

Fresh laundry was running out, and so I took this an opportunity to wear the shirt I ripped for the shoot a few days ago.  I needed a decent photo with it anyway.  I bought the shoes for the same shoot, but originally it was black and it was in model size.  As soon as the shoot was over, I traded it in for my size in tan.  (Don’t forget you can usually exchange goods in most department stores within 7 days).

Ripped DIY shirt and Freeway necklace

Layered black belts from Landmark

shoes from Parisian SM

Full outfit

Necklace – Freeway (Ramon Valera Collection)
White shirt – SM (Sunjoy)
Belts – Landmark
Rings – Anagon, Wellmansons (Quiapo)
Charm bracelet – Anagon
Watch – Ice Watch

Aliza got there earlier so she was already participating at the fashion photography workshop.  I wanted to check it out, too, but due to my gallivanting the night prior I got out of bed pretty late for me. As a side note, the late night was was totally worth it! Caught up with friends I haven’t seen in a while and we watched Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 1 which turns out to be the only movie of the franchise that I truly liked–which is saying a lot, since it wasn’t my favorite book of the series.  Anyway, when I got to the bazaar, though, I think we made enough noise to disturb the ongoing workshop when I dropped by Aisa (Archive Clothing) and Ana’s (Anagon) stall.

Fashion bloggers and entrepreneurs at the Brown Bag Market

my sister Bea, Ana, me, Aisa, Melai, Nori and Denise

Aliza and Bea shopping at the Brown Bag Market bazaar

Brown Bag Market @ The Collective

Print screen ring

Skysenshi buys from Archive Clothing

As I’m on a personal shopping ban, it was really just my sister and Aliza who went shopping

Freshly brewed iced tea at Good Spirits

The day was so hot, so we enjoyed a nice big glass of freshly brewed iced tea from Good Spirits.

Brown Bag Market


The Collective

The Collective

I’ve always wanted those Gold Dot boots, but the one in black (it’s the one on the left side)

The Collective

Aliza seemed to be enjoying her brief stint as a fashion photographer

And then the toy exhibit…

Toy Exhibit @ The Collective

Toy exhibit @ The Collective

Toy exhibit @ The Collective

Toy exhibit @ The Collective

Toy exhibit @ The Collective

We sauntered over to Wabi Sabi, a Vegetarian grocery and noodle house.  Pretty good food for its price!

Inside Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi

And finally the Eco Fashion and Beauty Forum.  Verns started off the activity by demonstrating some simple tips for wearing mineral make-up.

Verns and Ava doing a demo

Ava’s son kept cheering for her. Bravo!

Recycled clutch bags

Recycled clutch bags made from old denims

Eco sax bag

Took home an Ecosax

And then I discovered something else when Mary Kay had me try on their oil mattifier (P585).  I have never seen anything like it!  It just totally sucked out the grease from my T-zone and I can safely say it’s the only mattifier I know that was able to do that.  I like that you can wear it under or over make-up.  I couldn’t stop touching my nose after that, and had everyone there try it.  I think I’m getting it after Christmas.

Mary Kay oil mattifier

I didn’t stay at The Collective for the evening, so I’m not sure if there were bands playing after.  Though I think it’s a promising spot, I see a couple of problems cropping up for this site.  It’s not as accessible as Cubao X (well, now Cubao Expo) who gets a lot of traffic from the malls nearby.  And unless they have regular activities such as the film screenings at Mogwai, bazaars like this one, and bands playing, I have a hard time believing that people will frequent this place everyday.  I honestly hope it continues, though, and that it improves eventually because this building can get pretty warm and stuffy on a sunny day.

Til the next time, I’m sure. ^_-

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