The Reluctant Stylista

Recently, I have this knack for getting into sticky situations for my daydreaming inattention.  But maybe it’s my cosmic karma biting me in the ass for waving that pretentious list of new things to try this year, scribbled in my planner.  (I have an even more pretentious list named “How to Not Waste Your Time” obviously penned during one of my more attentive moments).

Well, technically, it’s not something totally new.

You see, as part of The Coca-Cola 100 Years Project, 12 fashion bloggers were chosen to participate as fashion correspondents in the Coca-Cola Big Youth Blowout to be held at Trinoma on January 28, 2012. I’m one of them (long story, or maybe not).  Out of these 12, 1 male and 1 female fashion blogger with the highest votes will walk the runway on that day, for the Coke-Bench fashion show. How do you vote?

1) Tweet “I vote for @rstylista to walk the runway this Saturday at the Coca-Cola Big Youth Blowout! @Coke_PH #CokeBenchFashionShow”.
2) Follow @Coke_PH to make those votes count.

Voting is up to January 25. 11:59pm. Yes it’s only one day of voting because everyone has a sense of humor!

I have no real aspirations of modeling and I do it for the kicks (there was Ferretti and House of Vanita thing that’s uber top secret *cough cough* because of what I was or was not wearing).  However, if I did end up on the runway again for some reason, I can’t promise you regal and inspirational.

I’d probably be like this flower arrangement.

Except now I have half my head shaved.  I’m not sure if I qualify as 1 male and 1 female because now I look like this:

Boy-girl applying lipstick

Is the image of this boyish girl applying pink lipstick confusing you in any way? Good!

Ikea models

So if you want a bad-ass post-apocalyptic look on a summer-themed show or you have a sense of humor, then you’ll probably end up voting for @rstylista.

This post was brought to you by Snickers and Starbucks overdose lalala

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