The Reluctant Stylista

And so here goes the last installment of this awfully long series (well, just long cos it takes me forever to post).

If you missed it, here’s Part 1 and Part 2.

#9 I went to my first Malasimbo and shot an editorial there

I did write about being in Malasimbo last year and I did mention it was for a shoot, but I didn’t know it was published in some magazines and newspapers.  I did see a footage of the shoot previewed at Philippine Fashion Ball last year.  Here are some photos of one of the most fun productions I’ve ever been part of (and what made me fall in love with Malasimbo, really. I went back this year).  It also featured Adryan Hanson’s modelling debut here in the Philippines.

Philippe Escalambre and Adryan Hanson in Malasimbo shoot

Adryan Hanson - Malasimbo shoot

Phillipe Escalambre

Adryan Hanson

#10 I styled fashion icon Tweetie de Leon and her first clothing collection

Surely this has got to be one of the highlights of a stylist’s career.  It’s also a milestone — being one of the Philippine’s first top models, she has been many a designer’s muse for over two decades.  This time around, she dons the designer’s hat.  I styled her first RTW collection which was sold exclusively at AVA.

Angel and Tweetie De Leon

Angel and Tweetie De Leon

#11 I was on a book cover

When I was still in graphic design, I’ve always wanted to design book covers.  I’ve never had the chance.  What I never thought would happen, though, was that I’d still take part in the creation of one (or two) in the strangest way.  Last year, one of my favorite Pinay chick lit authors Mina Esguerra asked me to help her with the cover photo of her short story, “Young and Scambitious”.  I was beyond excited!  Over the years, I’ve been quietly stalking Mina on Twitter because I was a fan of her books.  I can’t remember exactly how we got to talking online–maybe I fangirled over a tweet of hers, or because I discovered two of my friends knew her personally.  In any case, as she was describing the project to me, I realized it was far different from her usual chick lit fare.

Click on the photos to take you to the ebooks!  I love supporting Filipino authors, don’t you?

Young and Scambitious by Mina V. Esguerra

Young and Scambitious 2: Properly Scambitious by Mina Esguerra

For the second book, Properly Scandalous, my friends wanted to help me come up with a new photo–because despite the fact that I’m [mostly identified as] a fashion blogger, I have sadly limited OOTDs in my archive, and so I just decided to take a new one specifically for the cover.  Here’s how it went down, as I narrated in Facebook.

Behind the scenes of that cover shot:
1) The boys cooked dinner. I just brought booze.
2) I ate a lot of that dinner.

Yes I am a shame to womankind.

3) They insisted on fixing my hair and powdering my face even when I said these will hardly show on the cover. (Galit sa panget ang friends ko.)

Further shamed.

4) I am handed coffee because that’s how models work daw.
5) Snap!

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