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Good news for all make-up divas out there! is having a BIG beauty sale right now, for a limited time, featuring some hard to find items here in Manila and some cult favorites, too.  Discounts soar as high as 50% off.

Here’s a preview of what’s in store right now. Some of the sales end this week, and some at the end of the month:

The Beautyblender sale on

The Beautyblender: a special “sponge” to make make-up application more flawless. Watch the video here.

Okay, I must admit I wasn’t interested in The Beautyblender at first, but after reading several reviews from, it really got me curious.  There were so many raves about it, and even locally, several beauty bloggers have always been on the lookout for it.  It wasn’t readily available in the Philippine market, so it’s a good thing that is featuring it now as now as one of their sales.  There must be really something special with this make-up sponge to be garnering so much attention from all these glossies. Just take a gander at all its awards:

  • Preview Magazine PH Winner Beauty Awards 2010
  • Cosmopolitan PH Magazine Winner Beauty Awards 2011
  • Allure Magazine (USA) Winner  Best of Beauty 2011
  • Canadian Living Magazine Beauty is Everywhere- Editor’s Choice Must Have Beauty Tools 2011
  • In Style Magazine (USA) Editor’s Picks: This month best beauty finds 2011
  • In Style Magazine (Poland) Winner of Best Beauty Buys 2011.

Beautyblender and cleanser

Beautyblender and cleanser

AVA is selling this as a set. It’s the Beautyblender sponge and cleanser.

Crabtree & Evelyn

Also featured is the brand Crabtree & Evelyn–them of the creams, lotions, well, basically bath and body sets that just smell so heavenly.  It’s easily one of best (and poshest) bath and body brands right now.  This is different from AVA’s previous holiday sale, as this features more scented and aroma therapy oils, exfoliants, moisturizers, SPF, creams and body butters.  Some of the items up for grabs: Sale: Evelyn Rose Jewelry Box Sale: Evelyn Rose Jewelry Box sale: AROMATHERAPY DISTILLATION BODY NIGHT CREAM (200G)
Aromatherapy Distillation Body Night Cream (I want this! Imagine slathering this on after taking a bath, after coming home from a really long day.  Wouldn’t it be just heaven to feel your skin all smooth and smelling nice when you slip under the covers? Just thinking about it makes me want to take a deep, relaxing breath and snuggle deeper into my pillow.)

Rose Essence Daily Protector & Moisturizer with SPF 15
Rose Essence Daily Protector & Moisturizer with SPF 15

Natural Nourishing Botanicals Body Butter

Natural Nourishing Botanicals Body Butter sale: Orly

If you love your nails, then you know about Orly. They’re one of the best brands for nail polish because they have the hottest shades and they’re tough–they last long, don’t chip easily.  I used to find it surprising that some people really buy their own big bottles and that they actually finish it.  If you’re one of them, Orly is great investment.  Some classics that never go out of style, like polish for French manicure, are on sale now.

Orly sale at
Some of the shades on sale right now


Valera Swiss and ISO hair straightener

One of my fantasies is to have someone blowdry my hair everyday for me.  I’d rather much have a personal hair stylist than a housekeeper, haha!  Maybe some day, when I get rich.  In the meantime, one could actually just purchase a professional set of hair styling tools and DIY.  Normally, such things would run to several thousands.  But in, Valera Swiss and ISO hair straightener are on a huge sale of up to 40% off.  Meaning, they cost almost as much as decent quality ones from your department stores, except well, they’re just better. sale: Divaderme

This is another product that got me really curious.  At first I thought it was just mascara.  Then I realized it was really quite different!  Well, at AVA, two bottles are sold as a set.  One of them is the lash lengthener and the other is as mascara, so I was half right.  What it does is actually coat the lashes with hundreds of tiny fibers, as if you were putting on a second layer of eyelashes.  Like gluing on falsies!  Except this isn’t as complicated.  While I always love the effect of false lashes, I can hardly glue them on myself.  The Divaderme is like putting them on except you just swipe them.

Watch out for several more sales to come from!

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