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I recently joined the Metro Weddings team, and my first issue came out last October 2013 (and I’m only posting about it now, yes!).  If you don’t have it yet, please do grab a copy.  It’s the beautiful Andi Manzano on the cover, who got married around the same time this came out.  Metro Weddings is a bi-annual production, so my wedding magazine styling debut is still the latest issue.  I had a lot of fun, as the theme was “Andi in Wonderland”, and it was a very dreamy, frothy production.  Though my personal style has always been a little on the hard-edged or urban bohemian, I actually love playing with a lot of feminine and whimsical elements when I style for other people.  I dealt with a lot of pastels here–which was not as challenging as you’d think it would be for me!  We did sugary sweet and sometimes over-the-top, and of course, a lot of unabashedly feminine touches to everything.

Metro Weddings Oct 2013 Andi Manzano - Styling by Alex Lapa and Ana Lloren;

Styling: Alex Lapa and Ana Lloren-Reyes
Yellow Jade carved earrings, Riqueza from Cura V
Cuff, Riqueza from Cura V
Gown from Kristel Yulo
Photography: Doc Marlon

Metro Weddings Andi Manzano

Gown: Veluz
Bouquet: Teddy Manuel
Earrings: Toni & Berne

Metro Weddings Oct 2013 Andi Manzano - Styling by Alex Lapa and Ana Lloren

Hairpiece by Bonne, from AC+632
Gown: Isabelle Celdran
Shoes: Gibi

The lovely cakes were from Goldilocks.  And oh my goodness…  I don’t think I’ve been so well-fed as those weeks when we were shooting for this issue’s layouts.  Our usual caterer was Bizu, and their food was ALWAYS divine.  It’s not just the pastries (which is what they’re most famous for). I have not tasted anything from them that I didn’t like.  And those Goldilocks cakes?  I ate some of the buttercream cupcakes after the shoot and let me tell you, they are as scrumptious as they look.


Andi Manzano Metro Weddings 2013 Goldilocks cake

Hairpiece by Bonne, from AC+632
Gown: Isabelle Celdran

Andi Manzano Hairpiece by Bonne, from AC+632 Gown: Isabelle Celdran

Gown: Kristel Yulo
Shoes: Faire La Fete


I also finally had the chance to use gorgeous bridal shoes from Faire La Fete. I’ve always loved their custom-made pairs, but I’ve never had the occasion to use them before.  When I joined Metro Weddings, I thought–finally, it’s perfect!  And here we were shooting a whimsical theme!  It couldn’t be more fitting, and in fact, I kept showing Michelle (MW’s EIC) photos of the shoes.  I quickly texted Ainee Castro to ask in case they had some stocks that were ready-made and luckily, they did!  Andi had small feet, and most of the shoes were model size, but thankfully there were a couple of pairs that fit her.  Ainee was also thoughtful enough to include a couple of pretty blush-colored and embellished heels from Gibi in Andi’s size, which went well with all our pastels.

So yes, if you’re looking to customize your bridal shoes–look no further.  I highly recommend Faire La Fete.  You’ll see what I mean when you visit their Facebook/Instagram page and see the amazing designs they do for clients.  Classy, beautiful, unique and highly personalized shoes are their specialty!

I styled some other layouts in this issue–and I’ll try my best to post write about them soon!  Last year’s resolution (sort of) to blog more often bit the dust hard, so I’m not making any promises this time.  But I know I have to shape up soon, and I’ve definitely decided you’ll be seeing a new blog within the first quarter at least.  Until the next post, loves!  Happy New Year!

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