The Reluctant Stylista

In a rare bout of vanity*, I thought I would like to wake up everyday with beautifully curled lashes.  Lash-curling isn’t part of my daily make-up routine, you see, but I often hear people swear by it.

*okay, okay, well vainer than my average day!  I normally don’t mess with God-given attributes, I like to think I only enhance them with a little help from select products. Just a tiny bit of makeup!  –coughcough–


So I went and had mine done at Let’s Face It early November.  I’ve always trusted them with pedicures over more expensive salons so I thought, it can’t be that bad, right?


Wrong.  Don’t get a lash perm.  Just don’t.

What an ugly eyelash perm looks like

My sad eyelash perm


Fortunately, the lashes are slowly going back to what it was before the perm–which was average in length and volume.  My natural lashes aren’t short but neither are they long.  They have a slight natural curl, but I still have to wear mascara and eyeliner to open up my eyes.  I thought maybe I could skip those when I get a perm.  But what the perm did was shorten my lashes with an unnatural curl.  They looked crimped…or crinkled!

Though I like the effect of false lashes especially in photoshoots and special events, they’re too tedious for me to put on myself.  And I don’t particularly like how eyelash extensions look on some people. They obviously look fake, and they were a little off-putting on an everyday look. So when I was invited to try Stylash, I had a lot of apprehensions.  What if after a week or so, they’d fall off–which is of course bound to happen–and leave unsightly gaps?  Well I figured it was nearly Christmas anyway, and mostly I just spend this time with family.  If I had an eyelash disaster, these are people I don’t need to impress with my appearance (hah!).  And well, there’s always the reliable fake glasses I can use for hiding.  There was still a lot of time to recover, too, given that I had no pressing obligation to be seen by non-family in public.  So I just went for it!

This is how it looked like the day after I got them, without brushing them (and sorry for my unruly eyebrows, I’m trying to limit my threading to every 6 weeks at least).  I don’t have eye make-up here, which is what I really like about having extensions.  I don’t feel the need to add any, if it’s just a regular day.

Stylash Eyelash Salon in Landmark Makati and SM BF

What I got are the Natural Posh C-shape ones that are approximately 8mm long.  Those are 80 individual lashes per eye, and it took about an hour and a half to attach them painlessly to my natural lashes.  These mink lashes are feather light–and they feel way different from wearing falsies because I can’t tell the added weight at all.  I was warned that my eyes might tear up from the glue, but that didn’t happen during application (which is when it normally occurs).  It was when I went to sleep on my first night with these eyelash extensions that I began tearing up–and this normally happens to me when I fall asleep with mascara or eyeliner.  This eventually wore off.

So I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I am loving my eyelashes, and in fact, I’m returning in January to get them filled-in.  Granted, it requires maintenance.  I need to clean around the eye area with a q-tip when I wash my face.   I am also careful not to get them too wet in the shower because it’s hard to dry my eyes.  I’m officially at the end of my second week, and I’m used to this routine by now.  I’ve been on a break from working out, though, and lashes last longer when you’re not constantly sweating or exposing them to heat (beach, spa, sauna, etc).  I’ll be road-testing them on yoga and Capoeira next year.

My longer eyelashes are still quite noticeable now, though I’ve had a couple of fall outs since it was first attached.  Chona, the girl who put the extensions on me (I highly recommend her), said that you shouldn’t actually be getting extensions while your lashes are permed like mine because they tend to fall off quickly.  When I came back a few days after to have them checked, she was amazed they survived the week almost completely intact.  But I don’t really rub my eyes (I’ve always been careful about tugging the skin around it for years) and I only usually wear mascara and eyeliner–which I both nixed from my routine since getting the extensions.

Mink lashes are also available in Perky Brown, Azure Blue, Groovy Green and Romantic Violet.  I only opted for a lush black because I wanted to see if they would look more dramatic but natural.  People actually thought I just had a really good mascara on because they were long, but that’s it.  That’s how natural they looked.  You’ll have to brush them, though, so that they don’t criss-cross on top of each other and they stay up.

I think I may want to try Perky Brown some time, to match my hair.

Stylash Eyelash Salon in Landmark Makati and SM BF

Stylash Eyelash Salon in Landmark Makati and SM BF

Stylash has 2 branches.  The SM BF branch just opened today so they have a 50% off sale now until January 15.  I got mine done at Landmark while they were also on sale.

SM City BF Paranaque
Level 3, beside SM Department Store
0917-6685042 / 0918-5918694

Landmark Makati
Ground floor, Cosmetic Area
Beside escalator near Counter 16
0917-6685043 / 0918-5918693

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