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I surprisingly got hooked on an MTV dramedy series just a few months ago: Awkward.  I was not expecting a lot when I sat down to watch its pilot episode, fully expecting something like an Easy A rip-off (which, by the way, is one of the funnest movies of 2010).  Each episode was a mere 20-minutes, and yet, in that short time, it got to me.  A high school TV series!  Then again, I’ve always had a thing for sweet, juvenile things like that, I mean, I like reading shoujo manga when no one’s looking. But mostly people know my taste in TV shows to be more along the lines of Dexter, True Blood (which I have stopped watching due to lame recent story developments), The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Spartacus, and they’re not exactly sunshine and daisies.


The Awkward clique: Tamara (with one of her better outfits, and that’s not saying much), Jenna (lead of the show and I seriously want to trash those cycling shorts she always seems to be wearing under her skirts) and Ming (who’s supposed to be dorky/nerdy but hers is the only wardrobe I find cute most of the time)


But at the end of the day after running around and stressing on a lot of things, I’d unwind by watching something really light and funny (with the least amount of thinking required, so no Inception-esque watches here, but not so dumb that it’ll hurt my head just as much).  Awkward fits the bill quite nicely.  And despite my initial misgivings, it really had me wishing 20 minutes wouldn’t end so fast. I hope they consider making it twice as long in the next season. It really brought out the high school fangirl in me (figuratively speaking, because in actuality, I was a boring fart in high school with no interest in cheesy romances and the like, outside fiction.  I skipped that whole phase.  I made up for the lost emo time before I graduated college, though, so it’s all good).

Last week, Awkward aired its season finale.  And I’m still on a high about it, becauuuuse

(If you haven’t seen it yet, and you plan to, I’m about to spill major spoilers here)

Jenna and Jake at the Winter Formal

Jake and Jenna at the Winter Formal
Jenna, for someone who’s still in love with someone else, that was hardly a reluctant kiss.


Yep, I’m Team Jake. The show ended with the traditional high school dance scene, but I was definitely not expecting that outcome.  Especially not when the previous episode was all about Matty and Jenna’s amazing first date. Matty seemed like he was starting to step up and finally be with Jenna in public. Except that he didn’t push through with asking Jenna to the formal, driving her straight into the arms of his best friend.


Matty loses this round
Oh Matty…  Too little, too late. I was feeling pretty sorry for him in the finale episode.


Actually, I’m really just Team Jake because I took to his character right away when he was first introduced, and that was way before he started liking Jenna.  When it comes to Jenna, it’s weird because I’d be rooting for Matty, too.  I’d hoped he’d grow balls and finally make it clear that Jenna’s his girl.  And ask her to Winter Formal, as he originally planned.  Then again, it’s high school, and guys that young have a really hard time knowing what they want (heck, probably at any age).  Or in Matty’s case, how to go about getting what he wants without hurting either his girl or his best friend.  Oh, all those awkward situations…


Matty: Nobody can know that I like you
Matty: “Nobody can know that I like you.”


What’s great about the series is that there’s no definite good guy or bad guy.  Jake and Matty are both popular and they’re nice guys.  They have their moments.  But I took a shine to Jake because right from the start, he befriended Jenna even when they didn’t exactly belong to the same social circle, and they clicked instantly.  He didn’t mind looking like a dork and enjoying Jenna’s company.  And they actually had long conversations.  It was obvious that Jake danced to his own beat and he’d be okay even if he weren’t popular.  Matty, admittedly, has trouble minding what other people think. He started off as kind of a douche (though he did make up for some of it later).


Jenna and Jake's first kiss
The first kiss


On the other hand, Jake did kiss Jenna when he was still with Lissa. (Thanks to Sadie, though, that didn’t last very long). He also made fun of his girlfriend to another girl. That was kind of a jerk act, but it was also one of my favorite Jenna x Jake bonding moments. It also made Jenna realize that despite having spent more time with Matty, she knew more stuff about Jake.


Jenna, her tree stump and Jake

Jake says hi to Jenna and her tree stump.  I’ve always liked Jake from the start because he looks like he showers more often.  Or maybe he just has less hair product in comparison.


Jake and Jenna
Can we start half of next season as a couple at least?


But even if the series did end up with her sortof picking Jake over Matty, the triangle is obviously not over.  It was pretty clear from Jenna’s voice narrative that she feels she made the wiser choice, but not necessarily following her heart.  I kindof hoped that Matty and Jenna would end up together in the first season so that the story will take a turn and favor Jake in the next.  Obviously, that won’t be the case.

And I can’t believe that all the polls I’ve seen have Matty ranking higher than Jake. I thought it very obvious that Jake–being funny, smart, frank, confident, reliable and easy to be with–made him better boyfriend material. Matty and Jenna didn’t even have a real conversation that lasted more than a couple of minutes until half the season was over!

But I suppose in real life, it doesn’t quite happen that way.  Not many girls choose the guy she’s comfortable with or the most logical choice.  They chase after guys who run circles around them and screw up their heads.  Upon further thought, I realized I ended up with a Matty myself.  Sure, he turned up being a Jake after all, but the fact remains that my boyfriend of almost 6 years was the only guy who kept me guessing in the beginning.

Look at me ramble on about a teenage love triangle.  But I can’t help it–this is snarky high school drama-comedy at its finest!  Given, it’s not as funny as Easy A nor Mean Girls for me, and Jenna is constantly compared to Juno.  But it’s witty and smart and they say that it’s pretty realistic in its depiction of the daily trials and tribulations of regular 15-year olds (in the States, maybe).  I wouldn’t know.

But I do love Ming.  Did I mention that she’s the only character in this show with the interesting wardrobe?  I always like the fit of her shirts, her eyeglasses, the ski hats and beanie.  Tamara always dresses in that way I used to dress in the 90s as a kid except I don’t really want to remember that phase anymore.  (You know, wearing a shirt underneath a dress. I don’t know what you call that fashion).

Ming and Jenna

Ming and Tamara

Jenna and Ming

Funny that Ming dresses like a tomboy when in real life she’s like this:

Cast of Awkward
HOT DAMN!  Meanwhile, Ashley Rickards (Jenna) overbronzed here, I think.


fleeing the KnickKnackers

Jenna’s shirts always emphasize how skinny she is, which isn’t all that bad.  But I wish she’d ditch the shorts, especially that one she always wears underneath her skirts.  And I’m not sure if she even wore skorts one time.  I do like her in her dresses, though.  They’re suited to her character.  And I really liked her Nana’s dress, the red one that she wore to the formal.  It was simple and classy, and the red against her coloring made me think of Snow White for some reason.

Trivia: Ashley Rickards, who plays Jenna, is a member of MENSA and graduated high school at 15.


Jake and Jenna at the Winter Formal
Jake was really cute, asking Jenna if they could have a picture taken together, after hamming it up with her friends.


Just before the formal, Ming says one of my favorite lines in the series:

Ming wailing about her parents

Ming: “My parents suck. When I tried to tell them that formals were American tradition, they’re like, ‘We’re Chinese!’ And I’m like, ‘But Chinese people love to party!’ They didn’t become a billion strong by hanging out in the library.”


Also my favorite part, again, care of Ming:

For a Sex Touch, call Tamara

Tamara: “What the hell is a sex touch? Ming, that’s your handwriting!”


Nicky Schwarz looks like a douche
Even more distracting than Tamara’s baby doll dresses is Ricky Schwartz’s hair.  He looks like he has bunot for hair.  I hope Tamara ditches him in season 2.  I hear she and Sadie will strike an odd friendship, as both are besties with girls who are desirable to plenty of guys so she’d (Tamara) still probably be boyfriendless by next season.

Also confirmed that season 2 will see Jake finding out that Matty and Jenna were an item, Jenna finally becoming the daughter that Lacey always wanted but has begun pushing her away and Matty starts growing his balls (well he has to, since I’m guessing he’s reclaiming Jenna then. Poor Jake). And apparently, we find out that Lacey had her own Jake and Matty when she was in high school, and ended up marrying her Jake.  Hmm.

Still, I can’t wait for season 2!

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