The Reluctant Stylista

So ends the Promod styling contest.  This is a little late, actually, as the awarding was last Thursday at Megamall Atrium.  But I’ve been up to my neck with work and haven’t had time to enjoy writing in my blog again, until now.

I met a lot of beauty and fashion bloggers there, and myself being a newbie (or so I keep thinking) and pretty much keeping to myself in a number of blogger events, I wasn’t actually familiar with everyone.  I really have to read more local blogs and pay attention.

Lauren and Marco

Marco and Lauren

I also met Lauren‘s boyfriend, Marco, who also writes for, apparently.  I was quite amused to learn that here was a straight guy who seemed knowledgeable than the average dude on fashion.  He also asked if I were nervous about the contest, as Lauren confessed she was.

I wasn’t, actually.  For me, most of the adventure ended when we finished styling our looks.  Everything else after that was just icing on the cake.  I was already happy with the opportunity of styling with a bunch of Promod stuff.  I mean, hell yeah I’d be ecstatic if I won the grand prize–we’re talking 12,000php worth of Promod shopping here!  But since this is what I love to do best anyway, I’m just glad for any opportunity that comes along.

Promod styling contest

By Bambi dela Cruz and Argie Salango.  They were my favorite; I thought they’d win!

Promod styling contest

Jill Sabitsana and Tessa Santos-Eastgate. Very casual chic and easy to wear.

Promod styling contest

Lace Llanora and Joanna Lei. Possibly the most colorful and flowery ensemble on display!

We didn’t win, though, and I’m not all that sad about it either.  I know we did a good job, and it’s not really a question whether this or that team had the best set of looks.  Everyone did a fantastic job, I’m sure the judges had a hard time.  But with brands, they always look for the best interpretation of their vision, and you deal with that as a stylist and even as a creative director which is my day job.

Plus, I got to take home Promod goodies.  So, no complaints here!


Sorry, the greasy-looking outline is actually the indention marks–Flojos from Promod felt like stepping on soft mallows at first, but over time, it’s not as comfy as Ipanema flip-flops.

I think I’m going back to buy the skirt in the first outfit I put together.  I had a hard time picking out the item I’d use my GCs for–the lacy gray dress or the red faux leather.  I eventually went with the former.

Promod gray lace dress

I wore this to work today with gray patterned Kate Torralba tights.  More for my laziness to attend to my legs than a fashion statement.

Promod styling contest

Winners were Bianca Consunji with Geolette Esguerra

Promod styling contest

and Lee Shen Gee with Tara Cabullo

Congratulations, guys!

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