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I know, this was like 2 months ago, but since it’s the first fashion show I styled for live TV, I thought I might as well have it here for posterity.  It was memorable in a way because it was the first time I pulled out from that many designers in a week’s time, beating out the typhoon that rained on our parade (there were some designers that weren’t able to lend us clothes because of it).  Noel was out of the country a week prior to the preparations, but Nio was there to help me out.  Thankfully, some of Noel’s students from styling class–Cristina (these are all her photos), Jund and John–were also with us to help organize the clothes and assignations, because there were around 50 talents for the show and as you can imagine, almost double that amount of clothes backstage.

So the concept for this show was to dress up plain Star Magic shirts and tank tops with high fashion clothes from local designers.  We were so happy and blessed that we were able to pull out from some of the best designers locally: Randy Ortiz, Rajo Laurel, JC Buendia, Noel Crisostomo, Joey Samson, Eric delos Santos, Ulysses King, Bang Pineda, Jerome Ang, M Barretto, Lulu Tan-Gan, Anthony Ramirez, Arnold Galang and Yako Reyes.  After a week or so of crazy texting, calling, introducing ourselves to some of the designers we’ve never (and still haven’t) met yet, we were finally able to pull it off!

Alex and Nio in the dressing room

My ever faithful co-stylist, Nio

keeping track

I was trying to keep track of all the clothes, which designer, which talent, etcetera. But in the end, there were just too many (not to mention, last minute changes!)  All of the clothes have never been fitted by the actors and actresses yet, so even though we had a draft of which would look good on whom, there were still changes, of course. Even in the line-up, apparently.

Cristina and Jund

Cristina and Jund. And that necklace she’s wearing is one that almost made me hatch an egg. Out of all the clothes we pulled out, that single accessory made by Joel Escober from MYTH was the most EXPENSIVE item we had.  I kept nagging and harassing Nio to keep an eye out for all three I had pulled out because I didn’t realize they were that expensive before I did so.  All that time, I felt like he wasn’t taking me seriously, since he’s always been more chill than I am when it comes to these assignments and keeps on reminding me to relax. But all I was thinking was I didn’t want to ruin my good relationship with MYTH or have Noel pay for something so expensive if it got lost! So of course, I was stressed. Like I always am during our gigs.

And guess what? My nightmare did happen. After the show, only one of the necklaces was returned.  We had a lot of trouble tracking down the other pieces because there were several changes on who wore what.  The second piece turned up after a text brigade among the roadies, but the third one had us all sweating.  Some talents sometimes forget that they’re wearing borrowed clothes and accessories after a full day of production numbers and shows that they end up going home in their costumes or TV show finery.  Thankfully, after another dreadful hour of texting and calling, we finally had it back, with the help of several road managers who were quick to act on that sort of thing. Whew!


Why so serious, John?

Star Magic talent

Yen Santos (thanks Belle B!) wearing a Solenn Heusaff accessory from Tan-Gan. She was so tiny she had several outfit changes before we could find what would fit her! If you know some of those I can’t name, let me know. Most of these, I just got off Cristina’s. Despite my job, I don’t know much about local TV.  Heck or most of showbiz.  I don’t even have a TV here in the condo.

Deither Ocampo in Rajo Laurel in Star Magic Fashion Show

Deither Ocampo in Rajo Laurel

Style Team at Star Magic Fashion Show

Style Team in…well, their own clothes. And hamming up.

in Joey Samson

Him in Joey Samson

Arron Villaflor at Star Magic Fashion show

Arron Villaflor? in Joey Samson

Brett Jackson in Jerome Salaya Ang

Brett Jackson in Jerome Salaya Ang. (If I make mistakes with the talents’ names, just comment below.)

Ivan Dorschner at Star Magic Fashion Show

Ivan Dorschner. I don’t know who he is, but he was very nice! I like him already.

James Reid in Jerome Ang

James Reid in Jerome Ang

Jewel Mische in Yako Reyes

Jewel Mische in Yako Reyes. I love these floater skirts/dresses!

JM in Jerome Lorico

JM de Guzman in Jerome Lorico.

Maricar Reyes in JC Buendia

Maricar Reyes in JC Buendia

Megan Young in Noel Crisostomo

Megan Young in Noel Crisostomo

Melissa Ricks in Anthony Ramirez

Melissa Ricks in Anthony Ramirez

style team, one last time!

One last time!

And a clip of the show, where I was credited for the first time on TV (well, non-verbal credit anyway)

Star Magic Fashion Show (ASAP Segment) from Bernard Nio Manzano on Vimeo.

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