The Reluctant Stylista

I used to say that you can probably make me wear anything, as a challenge, and not complain about it if I could style it my own way.  Although that’s still true, to a certain extent, I find that nowadays, I gravitate towards the simple.  I barely even wear accessories, really.  I still enjoy dressing up on some occasion, but it’s usually just a no-fuss look on most days.

When girls tell me they always have a hard time picking out clothes to wear everyday, I totally understand.  When I’m too lazy to think of something really impressive (or I don’t need to) I’ve come to rely on the simple and basic top, to start off.  I have loads of tank tops in black, white and other neutral colors (gray, tan).  Well, I also have other colors like red and pink, but since most of my pants or bottoms already come multicolored, I now have a difficult time matching them up haha.

So my advice, ladies, if you’re constantly pressed for time because you feel like you have nothing in your closet you can wear (you know it’s not true, but we all feel that way) stock up on basic colored tank tops.  Then you can start investing on tailored trousers or a REALLY nice pair of jeans that may be a little expensive but hey–jeans are forever (well, so long as you’re consistent enough with your figure).  Then from there, you can layer on the fancy jackets, blazers and other accessories (don’t forget belts! I love belts–but most people don’t realize how seriously it can upgrade an outfit).  Voila!

Case in point, I have here a simple black midriff top from Mango.

Dressing up with a basic black midriff

Men’s maroon blazer from H&M / glasses, belt and cuff, thrifted / black midriff top from Mango / gold pumps from CMG / yellow shorts from Forever21

I love those gold CMG heels but man, my feet weren’t built for pumps (to my eternal frustration).  I bought them on a whim because I ruined my yellow SM Parisian heels one day while I was wearing them (the same wandering yellow heels I bought to the numerous temple photo shoots when I visited Siem Reap) and I decided, once and for all to get what every woman needs in her shoe closet–a pair of nude heels that can match everything.  I was on my way to pay for the nude heels when I saw this glittering pair and decided to get it instead.  I should be sorry but I’m not.  They’re pretty. >_>

The black midriff top goes with this as well.  Basic top, nice pants, nice jacket/blazer–always a good combo when you’re out of ideas.

Dressing up with the basics

Pants from Forever21 / jacket from Cache Cache


Sidenote: I really like how my ombre came out in this photo, and I owe Basement salon in Rockwell for that.  Freddie (or Peter–you can ask for either of them, if they’re around) really took care to get it just right so that if I ever put up my hair in a ponytail, the color at the back part of the hair wouldn’t look weird.  I love how they did the layers of colors.  With the right lighting, it looks like my hair is on fire.  I totally recommend them for ombre, especially on wavy hair, even though I don’t have this color anymore.

So, going back to what I said about basics.  If there are MUSTS in your wardrobe, for me, it would be this:

Shoes: Always have them in black and nude. Whether they be heels or ballet flats.
Top: White and black fitted tank tops.
Pants: Always have a pair in black.  White is tricky.  Don’t do as I did on the photo above unless you’re ready to work it. There’s nothing more awkward to watch than a girl looking self-conscious while trying out something new.  If you’ve already been seen out with it, then what the heck, make the best of it!  Even if you do feel a little self-conscious, don’t ever look it.


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