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After much prodding from friends, readers and fellow bloggers, I finally came up with my first “Outfit of the Day” post!  After all, what’s a fashion blogger who doesn’t post her own photos?  A fashion blogger who’s quite averse to having her solo picture taken, that’s what.  Trust me, my relationship with the camera has already improved leaps and bounds since I was a kid.  I used to bawl whenever someone pointed the lens at me, though I can’t remember why.


Moving on from my weirdo childhood tidbits, here’s a screencap of my desktop after getting some digital Polaroids to dry.

OOTD July 15, Polaroids

Top to bottom, left to right: trying to get the details of my headband, my cuff, calling up my sister because I left the keys and access pass to our condo, my bargain from Powerbooks, a notebook that’s been with me through a lot [of styling grief and creative outbursts] and reminds me of Neil Gaiman’s Delirium, my crepe from Cafe Breton and my watch necklace.

I went out with my cousin Rae last night to watch Inception.  I was at Greenbelt pretty early so I dropped by Powerbooks first since they were having a sale of up to 80% off.  Actually, the book I grabbed to pass the time with was brought down to P79.95 from P1089.00.  Cool, huh?  It’s “I Walked the Line: My Life with Johnny” by Vivian Cash with Anna Sharpsteen.  At first, it was really just mild curiosity and the fact that I wanted to read something while waiting for Rae.  But I eventually got absorbed with the book.  It was filled with Johnny Cash’s love letters to his first wife and man oh man. He was so sweet; mushy, but not sickeningly so even though he was totally nuts about her.  Ahh, love before e-mail.

I met up with Rae at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf where I was waiting for her, then we moved to UCC Cafe for a quick bite (for her).  That’s when I started snapping these away.


at UCC Cafe

I was wearing a headband with a chiffon flower as accent, bought from Girl Shoppe; a blazer; ruffled cream skirt of my sister’s I unearthed while organizing stuff for a garage sale next week, sheer red tights from Landmark; black Vivienne Westwood shoes of my sister’s from Melissa; a brown tank top from Divisoria, an abstract bracelet–my favorite accessory these days–and a gold watch necklace, both from Wellmanson’s in Quiapo.

After that, we watched Inception and we were totally blown away even though we couldn’t get half of the circumstances the characters were getting into.  I think I should watch it at least 2 more times.

My cousin mentioned that it’s like I always go into at least three different hairstyles a day.  I wasn’t aware of it before, but this time we have proof, haha!


at UCC at Cafe Breton

Letting my hair down


The reason for this is because I usually like to tie my hair up in a high bun.  But eventually, my head starts hurting so I let my hair down.  That, or I haven’t had it completely dry yet so I let it loose.  But when I eat or I do something and I don’t want it all over my face, I compromise and do a half pony.


at Pioneer Highlands


These were taken when I got to the condo and found out that I left my keys and elevator access pass at my parents’ home in BF.  I just bought along my camera bag that night and forgot to transfer the items.  I was calling up my sister, but she was also out watching a movie and her phone was on silent. I’m not smiling because obviously I was very tired and worn out and nobody was picking up.  I decided to crash somewhere else because it was already late.

That’s it for now.  Til the next OOTD post!


I love the blurred photos!


This just in. Apparently, a former officemate recognized me last night because of the outfit. He’s never seen this ensemble, but I was the only one in the office who dressed like this, so this funny exchange in Facebook happened.


fb exhcnage

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