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I’ve just got to say, the best facial I’ve had so far is from Skinlux.

See, I don’t normally go out of my way to Greenhills as I live in the south of the Metro, but I’m glad I checked out Skinlux Aesthetic Center before heading off for the rest of my plans on a Saturday.  Martine de Luna invited Kira as well, so I was happy we were going to have a kikay bonding session.

I LOVE that Skinlux isn’t just a spa–they have certified doctors and dermatologists to determine the right treatment for you.   It’s the real deal, folks.  Only experts and certified staff administer the treatments especially when it comes to facial ones.  Skinlux actually introduced me to Revlite (a huge hit nowadays among skin clinics and spas), and it was a doctor who attended me.

Skinlux Aesthetic Center Greenhills

A doctor assessed my skin first, to see what type of procedure would address my skin problems.  I don’t have a lot of skin problems, but of course I’m not perfectly poreless.  I would love to have smoother, softer and plumper skin.

Skinlux - Kira and Alex

We got the couple room again!  Kira and I were treated to the Signature Facial.  It was so good!  In fact, I declared it was the best.  It was definitely the most relaxing facial I’ve ever had.  It took about an hour for the massage, exfoliation, cleansing and mask.

Skinlux Aesthetic Center

I got the RevLite Rejunvenation Laser for the Face–a treatment that’s growing in popularity because it’s quick with immediate results.  RevLite is used to address pigmentation (I don’t often get pimples, but when I do, they leave long-lasting marks that frustrate the hell out of me), dark spots, age spots, freckles, sun damage and wrinkles.  The PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse it uses also took care of the small hairs on my upper lip, which of course was a major bonus (as laser hair removal is one of my few beauty luxuries, therefore I take it seriously).

If you’ve ever had laser, then you’ll be familiar with prickling sensation.  It might take some getting used to if it’s your first time but don’t worry, it’s not painful.   I didn’t experience redness (which is a common effect).  My face looked brighter and clearer after it, in fact–but this was due to the tiny little hairs that were singed off (I’m quite balbon, so it really does make a difference). RevLite isn’t cheap–but now I understand why people are so addicted to it when you see results this fast.

Skinlux - Nelly De Vuyst products

Skinlux proudly uses Nelly De Vuyst products, a skincare brand exclusive to them.  Martine swears by the products, and I have to admit–there was a huge improvement on her skin since the last time I saw her so I was really curious about Nelly De Vuyst.  I’m currently trying out the exfoliating mask.  I’m not yet used to exfoliation that doesn’t grind on my skin, but so far so good.  I’ll let you know more once I’ve used up my sample for a few weeks more.

But all in all, I loved my visit at Skinlux and I was especially impressed with the Signature facial and the Revlite treatment!  I’m definitely going back especially after my getting yet another annoying pimple mark.  I have recently gotten a case of acne the likes I’ve never seen since my high school days.  Thank heavens for modern day treatments like this (as it’s non-invasive, I feel it’s quite safe to try more often).

Skinlux with Kira and Martine

Eyebrowless but with glowing skin after our treatment


The SkinLux Aesthetic Center is located at 3rd level Promenade Greenhills Shopping Center Ortigas Ave., Greenhills, San Juan Metro Manila, Philippines.

Operation hours:
Monday to Sunday 10:30am to 7:30pm

Contact Numbers: Tel no. : (02) 650 3109 Mobile No. : (63) 9258800601

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