The Reluctant Stylista

I’ve always wanted to do a series of posts doing outfit shots while sitting on chairs or benches that I take a fancy to.  I’ve never been particularly comfortable doing outfit shots, to be honest; this is definitely one way of going about it, haha!

adidas sneaks

Can I just say I really love the latest stuff that adidas sent me?  They got me back to wearing sneakers and sporty jackets.  This pair of shoes above are from their Sleek Series: Top Ten Low Sleek W/3995php. I especially love the neon coral shoelaces, I want to use them for my other shoes!


This is currently my favorite jacket. It’s the “Night Graphic Supergirl Track Top” (what a mouthful!) that’s reversible.  I actually like its screaming neon coral side better, but my roommate says the color makes her head ache.  I wore it on a night out, though, and nobody complained.  For this photo, you’re seeing the reverse side, which has a graphic black and white print on it.  Only the collar, wrists and the zipper have the splash of neon.  I’ll try to get a decent photo of its neon side on some other time.

Since I’m churning out posts that aren’t in chronological order, my hair in photos won’t be consistent.  These were taken back when my hair was still a light brown.  I dyed it black recently and then had it highlighted, but that whirlwind hairdventures are reserved for other posts.

orangey wrist

Ice Watch classic in clear. The wrap around bracelet was pasalubong from KC from Switzerland,, and funds from their merchandise are given to charity.  They have words printed in silver like “Humanity, Make a difference, Plant Peace, Live in Unity, Freedom, Accept diversity, Speak kindness, Pave the path, Lead the way, be aware, Give back, Seek wisdom, Come together, Truth, Forgive, Strength, Courage, Dream, Believe, Survive, Faith, Sow, Love“.

The following photos were taken from Pioneer studios, and those are their chairs.  I like it whenever we have a shoot here, because it’s just a 10-minute walk away from my place.

Pioneer studios

Pioneer studios - chair #2

Pioneer studios - chair #3

I always sit like this, and I’m always told it’s not very ladylike. However, is it a good alternative to crossing your legs so that you don’t get varicose veins?

Pioneer studios - chair #4

Okay, draw your own conclusions as to why that chair has its own butthole.

Pioneer studios

Anyone else on picplz? Add me up!  I took all these photos using Pepper Potts.

DPI XL studios - chair #5

Now this is from a different shoot, taken at DPI XL.  These were props for the Star Magic photoshoot with BJ Pascual as the photographer.  Yeah, while waiting for things to start, I sometimes manage to sneak in photos like this one, but not very often.  I just couldn’t resist; I thought that chair with the purple upholstery was just lovely.

I was wearing Nyx Electra red lipstick, Oxblood Doc Martens, gray patterned net stockings, Parfois ring that I’ve already lost (boohoo), white minidress from People are People topped with that shirt I shredded.

Ikaw kukunan ni BJ Pascual, te?
Ikaw kukunan ni BJ Pascual, te? Kung maka-pose! Hahaha!

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