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I know I have pretty hair. This isn’t time for false modesty.  My hair is naturally wavy-curly (and apparently quite shiny), with big, loose curls at the ends, the kind you manage after sweating over a curling iron. It’s always been pretty, even when the rest of me wasn’t.  Though I have it colored every now and then, I don’t get salon treatments.  But it’s been described as bombshell hair, Barbie hair, prom hair, doll hair, rockstar hair and all sorts of unreal comparisons.  Hell, I’ve been joked with people wanting to get my hair as a wig if or when I drop dead (on separate occasions). At least I hope they are joking.

So it might come as a surprise to others when I said I wanted to shave it.

My brother’s wedding is over and done with–he didn’t have a punk for a maid-of-honor.  I haven’t told anyone in the family yet what I did, but I want to surprise them when I come home this weekend.  Unless of course, they’ll wind up here (90% chance) and check out the preview of my new ‘do.

Taken hours before I left for Macky’s place. The “Before” photo:

So much hair!
On twitter: “Goodbye Gryffindor hair! Hello Alice Dellal”

Frothing with excitement on Twitter

Frothing with excitement on Twitter!

I set up an appointment with Macky last weekend and decided on having my cut last night.  Macky Angeles used to cut hair in B-side, but now she only takes appointments (until further notice, I guess?) either in Taft or her apartment in Anonas. Do you know that Sykes ad all over Ayala and sometimes along Edsa?  I often pass by the one at the walkway between Greenbelt and Landmark.  Anyway, that’s Macky, shaving off some brave soul’s hair.

Sykes ad

Prior to my visit, I already sent her pegs.  I wanted something like Alice Dellal’s.  And I figure I still have so much hair that if I need to cover the shaved part, I can.  Lion’s mane nga eh.  Anwyay, it’s sort of a compromise, since originally I wanted something like Anya Ayoung-chee’s hair, but my friend Nayna (who was there to witness the whole thing) talked me out of it.  Nayna, despite her own undercut, didn’t want me shaving my hair because we’ve had mutual hair envy since grade 3.  I wanted to have straight, thin, soft hair like hers and she wanted curly-voluminous-instant-party hair like mine.  (I remember asking her back then what she did to make her hair so soft and she said it was baby oil.  I tried doing that I only ended up looking homeless).

Some pegs:

Alice Dellal's undercut
model Alice Dellal

(Okay, I’m kidding. I didn’t send a photo of Delirium to Macky. But I just realized, after 2+ years of planning to go as her on Halloween, I can actually pull it off now if I wanted to)!


I was giddy with excitement when we were about to start. But half the people in the room that night weren’t sold.  I got asked if my curls were natural.  Yes, they are.  Was the shine natural?  I didn’t even know I have shiny hair, so I suppose yes.  (Thank you Bedhead TIGI)! “Sayang naman!” I was again told, but by now I was so stoked and completely unmoved from my decision that I didn’t even notice Macky already clipping a handful of my hair that was maybe about 7-8 inches long.  I just saw Nayna cringing and turning away.




I kept standing up from my seat every now and then to check the progress in the mirror.  The first time I did, I exclaimed “SHIT!”  Everyone looked up in alarm, thinking I hated it.  Just the opposite.  I couldn’t believe how much I loved this new hair that I wish I had done it sooner!  It’s so badass! <3  Even the other half that didn’t want me shaving my hair had to concede.  My jawline, which I never liked because I think it’s too strong, looked way better with cropped hair.  Which made me wonder what it would look like with everything else shaved off.  Heh.  I guess I’m at that point in my life where I feel so secure about who I am and how I look that I didn’t mind going through a drastic change.  Even if it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, I just know I would still find a way to make it work.

It’s so weird, I thought I’d feel more emotional about losing quite a chunk of my hair.  But I’m not.  I was just thinking “Man, this must be so easy to shampoo!”

Before this, I practically never changed my hairstyle since I believed with my wavy-curly hair, I was limited to layers, some fringes every now and then.  I tried going for a Halle Berry look back in 2002 but everyone else thought I was channeling Aiza Seguerra instead. I promise, this is no Aiza anymore!  The above photos are just a preview.  I’ll have to take more decent photos of the “After” look to show y’all.

Happy with my undercut

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