The Reluctant Stylista

I’ve been pretty open on my blog that I deal with a lot of scars and dark spots on my legs and feet–and these are the reasons that until recently, I hardly wear shorts and skirts.  I’ve undergone laser hair removal on my lower legs to minimize the scarring when I get ingrown hair, but of course the scars are practically inevitable.  And not to mention, I’m quite a favorite of mosquitoes and I unfortunately scratch a lot.  Is it any surprise that I have alkansya legs (if you look closely at some recent OOTDs, you can see them since I hardly bother with editing).  I also prefer wearing shoes with straps, the better to hide the dark, rough spots that seem to plague my feet and are usually caused by certain footwear (ahem ahem, classic example of style over comfort here).

Alex Lapa at BGC Fort

Scars and dark spots will heal eventually, but you know they take time.  I really can’t wait to start expanding my wardrobe to include more dresses and skirts, if I were only a little more confident about my legs.

But I do have a plan.  I’ve recently discovered SkinWhite Advanced Lotion which promises to bring instant whitening upon application, so I can verify the results right away.  As a bonus, the effect is also continuous because of its Tri-Power Technology–it’s secret uses opacifying agents to project that instant whitening effect upon application.  It also has VitaNourish formula to keep the skin healthy with vitamins B3, B5 and E (and you know how good vitamin E is for the skin!) and SPF20 for added protection.  Don’t you just love a multi-tasking product?

skin white advanced

As you can see on the photos below, you can compare the differences and these snaps were taken mere minutes apart from each other.  I think I’ll also be using it to even out some tan lines I regularly acquire because of my love for the beach. Other girls with problematic areas like a darker neck compared to shoulders and face or dark elbows will love this for sure.

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