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I used to watch Ranma 1/2 a lot, and it had an opening song entitled “Red Shoe Sunday”. It sounds weird, but it seemed appropriate to borrow the idea for this outfit post.

I realized I haven’t had a decent OOTD in a while!  Been pretty busy with internship and other gigs, but I was in Salcedo today for a visit at the Qi Wellness spa with other bloggers to try out Asian Secrets scrub.  I thought it was a good time as any to wear my new red skirt I just picked up from Ensembles on a whim.  I was actually just looking around the store to see if I can spend my gc on something that I’d be able use for a shoot.  I saw this red skirt (the only one left in the rack) and plopped it onto the counter in less than a minute.  I’ve gotten so used to zipping through retail stores and malls because of my recent styling assignments that when I got home, I realized I didn’t check to see if I’d fit in the skirt.  Usually it doesn’t matter, as I do that all the time if the skirt is S (sizes 0-2), but this one seemed really tight-fitting AND it’s XS.  I was worried for a bit that I may have to sacrifice breathing if I wanted the skirt bad or I’d have to give it as a Christmas gift to my young niece.  Thankfully, when I put it on this morning, it was a perfect fit and since it’s high-waisted, I was still able to cram lunch and snacks while wearing it.  I was also devouring chewy chocolate chip cookies that I meant to give away as Christmas gifts (don’t worry, there’s still lots left).

Red skirt from Ensembles

I think it’s adorable!  I was drawn to it the moment I saw it because of the snappy red color with the rows of black buttons and the high waist.  For short girls like me, a good pair of high-waist bottoms make the legs look longer.  It also emphasizes a small waist, giving me an hourglass shape even if I’m not really that blessed on top. ^_-

Anyway, because there wasn’t enough time to accommodate all of us, I said I’d just schedule mine at a later date, and then continued to gallivant around Salcedo Market with Pao.  I’ll just save the other photos for my review of Asian Secrets.

at Salcedo

Boater hat – Landmark
Necklace – Vanity Accessories, Robinsons Department Store
Ring – Wellmansons
Red skirt – Ensembles
Shoes – Parisian

I would’ve actually styled this differently if I had my mum’s shoes with me (I’d wear white wedges) and my complete accessories collection, but I left them in my suitcase in Las Piñas after my last styling gig.

Ring from Wellmansons, Quiapo

Actually, I just wanted Pao to take a photo of the ring.  I didn’t know he framed my whole face!

Party in Baguio

(Sorry for the weird angle of my feet, they keep sliding cos of the heel height)

I love this nail polish! While waiting for a client, my friends and I got ourselves pedicures.  This color is called Party in Baguio or something like that, and it looked…bizarre.  But I’ve learned not to judge a polish color by its bottle and I was in a really adventurous mood so I told the pedicurist to go ahead and paint ze piggies these weird, Slimer-like neon green.  I didn’t even like it after it was done, but once we were out of the salon, it started looking really nice (maybe it was bad lighting in there?  I dunno).  Now I’m really digging it.  Liz and the other bloggers said I look like Christmas, while Pao said I looked like a ladybug.

By the way, I was really tickled by those nail color names but I forgot to check the brand.  They had all these quirky Pinoy names like Bicol Express, Boracay and such.  Anyone knows what local brand this is?

zebra necklace

Vanity Accessories (sold exclusively at Robinsons) probably has the best collection of cheap trinkets outside Wellmansons that I’ve seen.

From the back

From the back

at Salcedo Park

Don’t ask me why there’s an arrow there

at Salcedo Park

I don’t usually have outdoor OOTDs, so this is good

horror movie?

Pao doesn’t warn me when he’s about to shoot, so here I am looking like a murderess in a horror movie poster.

enjoying Korean ice cream

I love this particular Korean ice cream bar that’s melon-flavored. It’s so smooth and creamy! It does melt fast, though…it’s that creamy.

with the photographer

…with my photographer of the day who finally looks like he’s gaining weight here.

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