The Reluctant Stylista

So one of the reasons why I was on a semi-(blogging)hiatus since this year started is because I’ve been assisting and styling full-time with Noel Manapat for one of the nation’s brightest young stars today: Kristina Cassandra Concepcion.  Well, as luck would have it, Noel had to make an out of the country trip for two weeks last January, and I was left all by my terrifying lonesome to attend to all her styling needs.  One of them was for the commercial of Real Leaf.

Of all her events, TV shows and other functions, I think this one made me the most nervous.  Several times that day of the shoot I just wanted to curl up in a corner.  It’s different when there are agency people, production team and the client (company) around.  Also, this was my first time to work on a commercial.  Dun dun dun. At the end of the day, when you know that everything went well despite the bumps in the road, you can’t help but be proud to have been part of that shoot.  I know I am.

There was a funny incident with my driver that day, he was telling me excitedly how he thought he saw KC Concepcion pass by outside where he dropped me off. I assured him it was KC and he was like, “How do you know?” I told him he should look out for Marian Rivera as well, because she was bound to arrive, too. Actually, he didn’t know I was styling for the shoot. I think I definitely impressed Kuya Ed that day (he’s never really sure what I do for a living…very few of my real life/offline friends do)!

Here are some behind the scene photos.  There were different shooting dates and time slots for all endorsers, and KC was the first to shoot.  I didn’t see everyone else’s scenes, though Marian came after KC (of course by then I’d already packed up). She arrived around the tail end of KC’s shoot, and my sister will probably kill me for saying this, but she’s really pretty in person. I have to admit that though I’m not her biggest fan, she has a very winning smile that transforms how she looks.

KC Concepcion for Real Leaf

Having a laugh with direk

Monitoring KC Concepcion

I was watching the shoot through the monitor to see if everything was okay

Real Leaf dancing KC Concepcion

So yeah, even though you didn’t get to see it, she was dancing on our favorite pair of 5-inch high nude Louboutins.

alternate top for Real Leaf commercial

One of the alternate tops I prepared for the shoot, but didn’t make the cut because of the elaborate detailing at the back.  They were after something much simpler.

And here’s the final output with all four endorsers:

I know it looks really simple, but trust me, there was a lot more to this production than what you just saw. Everyday, I’m thankful to have been given this opportunity to work with a super nice talent and a fabulous beauty and style team.

Make-up by Juan Sarte. Hair by Celeste Tuviera.

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