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Cat lovers living in the south of Metro Manila (yes you, suburb dwellers!) have a homey new spot where they can chill and hang out with feline beauties: Le Cat Coffee Shop.

This homey feline-themed cafe can be found at 76 Gloria Diaz street in BF Homes Resort Village in Las Piñas City–right beside an auto repair shop. I’m rarely out with south friends in the south (because normally we’d see each other in BGC or Makati–how weird is that?), so we took this opportunity to hold our next girly bonding at LCCS, which is practically our backyard. But with these cuties around, the gabfest we had planned just went out the window. Who can concentrate on anything with these kitties around?

And I don’t mean because they’re fussing over us. It’s the other way around.

Le Cat Cafe at BF Resort

With Papu and Ira at Le Cat Cafe. I think this is Charlie we’re annoying.

I decided to wear cat-friendly jeans to the cafe, because my cats at home prefer napping on my lap when there’s sufficient cover (or cushion). When we got there, I was impressed at how clean and inviting the small cat lounge was (though I don’t recommend going there when there’s more than five people). There’s a cover charge that’s around 200php and it’s worth two hours at the cat lounge with your choice of coffee (which was pretty good, I might add). There were nine cats and surprisingly, even though it was around 5pm on a Sunday when we dropped by, most were pretty sleepy. Some were a little shy about coming out and because I’m a cat owner myself, I know that it’s better to wait for them approach. For the most part, it wasn’t happening, so we resorted to bribery (treats) and convincing them we were great kitty masseuses (petting skills).

Charlie is not amused

Charlie: What do you want from me, hoomin??

At Le Cat Cafe with Delta

Delta is my favorite because he’s so chill. Asleep 90% of the time. The other 10%, he doesn’t care so long as he’s petted nicely.

Le Cat Cafe with sleepy Delta

Me: “So cute I could just eat you!” Delta: “Zzz…”

LeCatCafe at BF Resort 4

Woke up just long enough to be petted under the chin (and still not giving Ira the time of the day)

Orange was not in the mood to play

Peanuts is so adorable

Peanuts is so adorable! I’ve never seen a cat so tolerant of a costume!

Peanuts Apple Head

He even sleeps with it! (That’s Caramel’s butt beside him)

I wasn’t able to take photos of the coffee shop itself, as we just hung out at the cat lounge. But no regrets! They serve some light snacks and beverages. I’m definitely coming back for more kitty time. Most of the cats are puspins and they’re all so cute, well-groomed and well-fed! They don’t allow children under ten years old at the cat, lounge, though, and of course like every cat cafe, the have house rules to follow so that everyone (including the cats) have a great time. Visit their Facebook for their schedules and updates.

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