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Aside from a few Instagram snaps, I haven’t had the chance to show off my new watch from Veloci with a casual outfit.  In case you were wondering about my recent series of outfit photos (featuring coats, capes and whatnot), yes I do wear casual.  I wear jeans all the time!  It just so happens that my work also takes me to events where I can be very experimental with fashion, and last year I certainly had plenty of opportunities for that.  So this time, let me show something a little more laidback.  I wore this to Sunday mass and I promise the orange isn’t that loud in person.  I think it was just the lighting and my camera’s aperture settings (I used a tripod, which will explain the poor composition and the weird faces haha).

Veloci Watch from LTimestudio

Watch: Veloci / Pixel heart necklace: Earthly Delights / Shoes: Rossana Pena / Pants: Forever 21 / Gray tank top: GAP / Bag: Nine West

Veloci Watch Philippines from LTimestudio

My undercut has grown thicker now hasn’t it?  I haven’t shaved it since December 31, 2012.  Just before New Year.

Anyway, I also find it funny how I own so many orange and purple things.  I don’t do it consciously; they’re not even my favorite colors.  But I keep thinking, even though it’s not true anymore, that my wardrobe is mostly black or neutral so when I pick out accessories to buy, I gravitate towards bright colors like coral, orange, yellow or aquamarine for contrast.  As for purple, I just seem to have a lot of gadgets and accessories in this color, so it looks like I consciously match everything I’m carrying.  It’s really just a coincidence!  I suppose like orange, it gives off a happy aura without being too sugary or girly.

I wasn’t able to attend the Veloci event last January with the other bloggers, but thankfully Miss Ana Liza Bautista was kind enough to set aside one for me and of course it was purple (I didn’t pick it out myself, swear).  It was such a nice surprise to find out that one watch for only P2750 already came with three different straps!  In my case, my watch had a purple face, one purple strap, one white strap and my favorite is the one you see here in the photos–purple and white stripes.

Veloci Watch Philippines from LTimestudio

I’m also a fan of anything remotely nautical (fashion-wise), so I love my stripes.  My purple Veloci is from the Cruise collection.   When I was told that I could get more straps from Asprey, I got excited and checked it out as soon as I could.  I browsed through the display in Shangri-la Mall, and yes, they have a LOT of leather straps!  I’m not sure the ones I want would suit a purple-faced watch, so I think I’ll probably buy another one that can work with straps like these:

Asprey Watch Straps


I actually saw a lot more straps in Asprey that I really liked, but unfortunately I couldn’t find photos.  I spent a long time just badgering the saleslady there (I kept asking her if this and that would still fit a Veloci) because I just couldn’t get over the fact that I could match a single watch so easily with several outfits.  I love watches, but it used to irk me if it looked out of place with the rest of my ensemble.  Yeah, say what you want, but I still hear Cher’s voice (from Clueless) in my head–”A watch doesn’t really go with this outfit, Daddy!”

Veloci Watch Philippines - LTimestudio

Veloci Watch Philippines - LTimestudio

Veloci watches are Italian-inspired, made with stainless steel watch cases, high-grade Japanese movements and high-quality nylon straps that are adjustable and detachable.  I am unfortunately not very careful with my accessories, and I seem to break watches within a few weeks of wearing them.  One of them is a brand more expensive than Veloci.  Thankfully, this new watch manages to keep up with me–I had even forgotten to take it off one time while I was swimming at the beach, but it’s still perfectly functional.  You’ll definitely see more of this in future outfit posts.

You can buy Veloci from selected Asprey branches and LTimestudio.

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