The Reluctant Stylista

I’m supposed to be churning out more product reviews, but I couldn’t help sneaking in an outfit post (‘cos I’d take fashion over cosmetics any day).

Well if I think about it, I should’ve written about this months ago when, after posting about Freeway’s National Artist Collection featuring Ang Kiukok, a friend of mine did give me the violet clown knit jacket I coveted so much.

And yeah, I know, you’re seeing that lace skirt again, but I wanted to be comfy that day and nothing’s easier to wear than a skirt, right?  To top it all off, I wore a purple shirt of my sister’s with wise words emblazoned in front: “When life gives you lemons…add VODKA!” Cheers.


When life gives you lemons, add VODKA

I’ve never been much of a shirt person until recent years.  But I do like them now, especially if I find one with the right fit.


Reluctant Stylista - Purple Haze

I actually started taking the photos with my hair up, and that first photo was really the last photo I took.  The messy hairbun is not for effect; I was just cleaning the kitchen prior to this photo op, haha.


Reluctant Stylista - Purple Haze

I wore my mom’s hot pink patent wedges which I can only wear if I have stockings (or maybe with the socks trend, but I haven’t tried it yet, really).


Reluctant Stylista - Purple Haze

That’s how it looks from the side.  Check out the cool clown print.  I hate clowns, but this jacket is a lovely exception.


On a side note, I discovered the difference between purple and violet when I argued with my friend about it back in fifth grade.  We checked the dictionary, and I lost that argument: purple is reddish while violet is bluish.

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