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One of my guilty pleasures is looking at beautiful, blank books and pads with gorgeous paper. Fully Booked has a wonderful collection–the design, the texture of the paper, the sound they make when flipped and oh, the smell! There’s nothing like the smell of beautiful, new paper.

While cruising over the large selection of blank books, notebooks, moleskins and such, the planners also caught my fancy.  And how!  I wasn’t really planning on buying one, but Pao bought this for me and I simply could not resist.  I’m actually collecting Starbucks stickers for one of their annual planners, and I love Starbucks planners and the big blank spaces they usually provide (I hate planners with so much stuff going on inside, telling you how to live your life, honestly!). But my 2010 Starbucks planner is usually just left at home now, where I just check dates and events for the next day because it’s too heavy to carry around.  Of course I also have my Palm Treo to remind me of appointments, but I still like writing things down.  I’m already carrying a lot of load, and what with my recent styling internship and other projects, I’m always on the go and I can’t afford to be bogged down by my planner’s excess weight (hurts my neck!).

Enter 2011 Vogue by teNeues.

It was love at first sight.  I know the cream cover will probably get dirty, but what the heck–I like my planners looking like they lived through the year with me.  The art in front is actually a Vogue cover, January 1922 by Helen Dryden, who was inspired by Japanese watercolour and art nouveau.

Front cover

2011 Vogue Planner by teNeues

Magnetic flap

The planner closes with a magnetic flap.  Inside the pages are several more Vogue art covers circa 1920s.

Of course, the space for each date isn’t so big, and I had a hard time picking between this and another small planner (from Luxe Monologue) in plain black which had bigger spacing…but I still picked this one even if that was lighter because I’m style over comfort (just look at those artworks!)…except when it’s really painful to lug around.  This is still pretty dainty, right?

I can write small if need be.

Vogue cover

Vogue cover art

Vogue cover

Vogue cover

Vogue cover

The back has a small flap where you can insert calling cards and the like:

Vogue planner backflap

Compare sizes:

Starbucks planner vs Vogue 2011

This can fit easily in any of my bags.  It’s smaller than my wallet.  I’ll miss being able to draw pictures inside my planner, though, but since I’m still more of a word-person rather than an illustrator, I think I’ll live.

Look how small it is in Pao’s hands:

Vogue planner

Vogue 2011 by teNeues. Only P448 at Fully Booked.

There are plenty of other planners in Fully Booked, you might want to check them out.  I even found one that has perforated pages that also double as postcards.  Cute!  I’m pretty happy with mine already, though.  I think I’d still want to get a Starbucks 2011 planner, but as a gift for someone this Christmas.

What about you?  Where do you keep track of your daily activities?

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