The Reluctant Stylista

I’ve been doing a couple of editorials this month when I thought, well, I might as well take advantage of the nice cameras, lighting and location from all these. That’s right, I should take the rare OOTD. Blogger friends have been quick to point out (and tease me mercilessly) that I seem to be attempting another comeback by actually updating this site nowadays (we’ll see how long this will last).

We were at Whitespace Makati recently for a cover shoot. And, being the notorious early bird that I am, the delightful Teddy Manuel (the set stylist, hence, also an early bird but without choice) thought I deserved a photo op for being there 3 hours ahead of everyone else. Plus, I was wearing all white at Whitespace–and I swear it was totally unplanned! We agreed it was a Kodak moment.

This was actually just an overexposed test shot of Nio that I liked. I bought this dress from Kira at Bloggers United 2 years ago, while the shoes is from Something Borrowed (a brand I am totally obsessing at lately). But the real star of this outfit post is the origami headpiece, designed by Shelldon and Tessa Napa.

Alex Lapa Origami Whitespace

Excuse the uneven tan lines

More of these beautiful origami headpieces will be featured on the September issue of Metro Weddings. They’re so pretty they made even me look graceful and delicate (like a ballerina Barbie!). You can get in touch with Tessa here for your custom headpiece, too. Or you can order these ones that are ready-to-wear.

Origami headpiece by Tessa Napa

Give it some love!



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