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This is the second time I’ve been invited by Stratigem to an event, and I must say among several I’ve been to, theirs really stand out.  I don’t know if they’re doing it on purpose, but I love that their gatherings are really personal and intimate and you often get the most out of the experience. And I am never bored!

I was especially happy to receive this invitation to be introduced to Beyond Bath Organics as I am a fan of organic products.  If there’s a better alternative without having to pay life and limb, then I’m all for it!  I’m all for locally produced organics.  And I am especially fussy about bath goodies.  What’s more, Bath and Beyond were providing spa treatments for their guests at The Manila Hotel, and we could choose which one to take.

I knew we were going to the spa, so I opted for something relaxed and easy to get in and out of.  If others have a little black dress, I have this little gray dress from Promod which I use in a similar capacity.  It looks good even with minimal styling.  I know, the outfits I’ve been posting lately are so laidback and minimalist, and they’re not the usual street style I used to be so fond of.  I’m in this girly phase, lately.  I may be boring you out.  But isn’t that necklace cool?  My mom brought it home from a shop in Canada called Annie Sez, because I told her I wanted accessories as pasalubong.


Beyond Bath Organics - The Manila Hotel Spa Day

Up close it looks like a bunch of snowflakes, really thin but lovely.  It has matching earrings, actually, but I’m not a fan of earrings, so I wore my silver rosette ring again.  Shoes are from Pill, at The Ramp.

Make up was kept minimal, too, didn’t even bother with foundation since I knew it was just gonna be rubbed off.  And usually when I wear skirts, I wear air stockings–because if you don’t know by now, I have hoooooorrible legs–but of course I didn’t that day.  You can tell.  You’re seeing it in its unedited glory, bwahahaha!  Anyway, I didn’t want the masseuse to get air stockings all over her hands.

Buuut–I can’t go anywhere without my eyebrows, so it was one thing I did put on.  Kilay is the best accessory, really.

Moving on…

Beyond Bath Organics Beyond Bath Organics

There were three kinds of bath and massage treatments waiting for us: Stress Busting Sunflower Experience, Perk-Me-Up Energizing Grapefruit Experience and Nature Glow Experience.  My sister was invited, too, and she picked the Sunflower treatment, which I would have, if she didn’t get first dibs. So for the sake of trying something different, I picked the Grapefruit treatment.

When we got there, though, we shared a room since the organizers knew we’re sisters and apparently, we ended up getting the same treatment even if my sister chose differently.  We both got Grapefruit!


Beyond Bath Organics - The Manila Hotel Spa Day Beyond Bath Organics - The Manila Hotel Spa Day

The massage beds


Beyond Bath Organics

The grapefruit foot scrub


We started off with a grapefruit foot scrub.  To be honest, I didn’t want to pick grapefruit before because I’m a little wary of the fruit.  I know that grapefruit juice tastes like vomit.  Thankfully, Bath and Beyond products smell nothing of the kind.  Mr. Jared de Guzman, brand manager for Watson’s, said that the scents are not artificial.  We were smelling the actual ingredients.  Well, it’s pretty good!

They also said during the briefing that Beyond Bath is all natural, paraben-free and alcohol free. There are a few ingredients listed at the back of their products that I have to research, though, because I’m not entirely sure they’re organic or not an alcohol.  Such as metachlor isothiazolinone, for instance.  I’ll have to look it up.

What I do love about Beyond Bath Organics is that they’re partnered with Bantay Kalikasan.  Each attendance guarantees one tree in their Adopt-a-tree program, with care for at least 3 years.  I like that they follow-up on the planting.  I will be waiting for more news on their other projects with Bantay Kalikasan.

We skipped on the shower, since I just had one before we left the house and we could try the bath products at home anyway.  I was eager for the massage.  Like I said, they booked us in a single room, and it turns out, it’s a couple’s room.  And I got the “husband’s” robe.


Beyond Bath Organics - The Manila Hotel Spa Day


I really enjoyed the massage, even though I’m used to much gentler handling.  I did actually ask for “moderate” since I always go for a softer or lighter touch at the spa.  Man, those were some really strong hands.  But I felt so relaxed afterwards, I wanted to sleep.  I was even grumpy with my sister after leaving the hotel because we had to hang out at Glorietta for a while and all I wanted to do was continue my sleeping.  The only thing I don’t like about going to spas is that I can’t exactly just lie around there, sleeping, after the treatments (or at least I don’t).  At least with home treatments you can doze off immediately.

I took home the Nature Glow gift set.  I’m not interested in getting whiter skin, and I love being tan if I can, but since my sister got first dibs on the Sunflower again and we already tried Grapefruit, I went with this.  It doesn’t have shampoo and conditioner in the set, though, so I was given Grapefruit shampoo and conditioner.  I’ve tried it for the past two days and I find that the shampoo lathers up really well, unlike other organic products.  This could either be good news or bad news for organic junkies since Beyond Bath uses ammonium lauryl sulfate and ammonium laureth sulfate as foam boosters.  My sister says they’re supposed to be detergents, which can strip moisture.  Tisha Moran, Sales and Business Development Manager for the products, claim that they’re supposed to be safer and more environmentally friendly, though, so we’ll see.

As for the conditioner, I’m loving it, too! I was afraid to get the Grapefruit for hair because it’s supposed to be volumizing.  I usually use conditioner to tame the volume, not to amp it up!  But it was a nice surprise when I let my hair down yesterday after my hair was dry because my natural curls turned up really nicely.  And not limp, as what happens when I overdose on L’Oreal.

For more information about Beyond Bath Organics, you can visit their website.  They’re exclusively distributed at Watson’s and all SM branches nationwide.  I’ve also written an article for The Philippine Online Chronicles, and will update this entry as soon as it’s up.

Thank you again to Beyond Bath Organics, Stratigem and The Manila Hotel for giving us this wonderful experience and for being so nice and accommodating.  It was my first time at The Manila Hotel and it was such a pleasant stay.  I’m definitely enjoying the products so far as well!

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