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Since I got a taste of Nyx with the fabulous Paris shade, I definitely knew that I wanted more.  Never mind that I still haven’t figured out quite how to keep my lips smooth all the time.

I ordered a few more colors under the recommendation of my blogger friends, but unfortunately, they were popular shades that weren’t readily available from Digital Traincase.  I was actually aiming for Tea Rose, but when I was informed by DT that it was out of stock, I went for my second option, which was ThaliaLiz says that Thalia is her pampaganda color because she claims it immediately brightens up her face whenever she puts it on.

NYX Thalia

Nyx Thalia

Nyx Thalia is a pinkish brown shade that’s very close to most natural lip colors, which is probably why it’s a staple shade in most women’s vanity table.  You put it on when you want a fuss-free, simple look that’s still polished.  Like most Nyx round lipsticks, it’s a very creamy formula.  Just blot it out with tissue when you apply it and you come off with very natural rosy lips.  Best to apply it with liner underneath so that it lasts longer.  On the average, I find that Nyx round lipsticks last for about 3-4 hours with minimal eating and drinking.

Nyx Thalia

Thalia in natural light indoors

Nyx Thalia

Thalia is good just on its own, or you can pair it with smoky eyes since it’s a very versatile shade

Nyx Thalia swatch

From left to right: with flash, natural daylight, indoor lighting

I think Thalia is pretty nice, and it may be Liz’s instant pampaganda color, but I think I’m looking for a brighter pink than this.  I like how it looks natural and evens out the color of my lips, but sometimes it looks like it’s paler than my lips.  It’s very photogenic on camera, though.  I can imagine why it’s a default shade for many girls.  I may try mixing it with Paris, which I totally love.  It’s a way brighter pink, but maybe Thalia can tame it down if the occasion calls for it.

Nyx Thalia ingredients

Ingredients list. Also, “Hypoallergenic and cruelty-free”

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