The Reluctant Stylista

I’ve never really experimented with lipstick.  I don’t invest in them like I do on lip balm because I think they just end up caking on my lips or that I peel my lips too often for it to be effective.  But just as eyeshadow taught me not to rub my eyes ever again, so can lipstick (hopefully) teach me to get rid of that nasty habit.  Maybe all it takes is a little practice…and some getting used to.

I got this Nyx lipstick from Liz of Project Vanity.  You can say it’s my first lipstick, actually.  I picked it over the other shades because I thought it didn’t look like something I’d choose right away (that, and Liz thinks it’s Shen’s favorite and that got me extra curious).  You see, I’m in the middle of an experiment of sorts.  For a change, I’m going to try a lot of things I never did come 2011.  Wearing lipstick regularly–in very girly shades at that–will be one of them.

For those of you who don’t know, Nyx is touted to be a poor girl’s MAC, and is gaining quite a cult following.

Nyx Paris

Nyx Paris looks like Barbie pink to me, but it seems different people have different definitions of Barbie pink.  For the record, I do remember my cousin Aggie’s Barbie dollhouse (sadly, I never had much to do with Barbie) and it was that kind of pink.

Because I hate reapplying any kind of make-up (another reason why lipstick and I never worked together as much), I thought about trying what I’ve often heard about making lipstick stay put.  Unfortunately, I had not exfoliated my lips as well as I should have, so sorry about my lips looking crackly here.

First, I swiped on some lip balm.  I know most techniques ask that you don’t use this, but I have very dry lips and if I don’t wear it before lip liner, the liner just won’t stick.

Ilog Maria lip balm

Ilog Maria honey, beeswax and propolis lip balm. Very cool and minty.

lips with balm

Crackly lips with balm

Then I applied the lip liner from The Face Shop.  It makes the lips more even-colored, and supposedly, it helps keep lipstick from bleeding.

Lip liner from The Face Shop

I applied the lipstick over my newly lined lips and blotted it.  Then I dusted it off with Ellana mineral’s finishing powder and it looked like this:

Lips with powder

After this, I applied lipstick again, blotted it, rinse, repeat.  In short, it was like this:

Balm – liner – lipstick – blot – powder – lipstick – blot – powder – lipstick

I don’t actually know if I should use the lip liner more than once.  I have to look that up.  The color had good staying power, but once I started eating, it started fading.  It didn’t fade completely, and that was good, as I wasn’t actually expecting my routine to be fool-proof.  I did swipe balm underneath it all.  I’ll try to do it next time without that, plus with thoroughly exfoliated lips and I’ll let you guys know how that turns out.  In the mean time, Nyx Paris (and then some) looked like this on me:

Nyx Paris

I think it looks good.  I had some reservations about pink because I don’t really look good with the color.  I don’t know if it’s just my skin tone or what (I am very yellow).

eating with lipstick

So yeah, I was testing it out by eating.  I think after an hour or two, only the lip liner’s color stayed.  At least my lips didn’t look pale or purplish as it tends to do when left without lip stain (my usual colorant).

applying lipstick in public! *gasp*

I still had to reapply here.  I used to dislike applying make-up in public.  But for some reason, swiping on lipstick just seems so easygoing.  I have to remind myself still, not to do it.


It only looks nude here, but it’s not really.  It’s just my friend’s camera effects.

What I liked about Nyx:

I’ve been told it’s really cheap.  Paris is a Nyx Round Lipstick and online sellers have them for P160 a pop.  P350 for their Black Label.  I also heard Nyx is now available here in Manila, but for a much higher price, so I suggest coasting the Multiply stores for your lip stuff.  For P160, I think I’ll be shopping for a lot of them, it’s too cheap and they’re fun to experiment with!

Very creamy. It wasn’t heavy on the lips but it was very creamy, and most say it’s moisturizing.  Once I exfoliated thoroughly and applied it, it didn’t dry or cake on my lips.  Without eating, the color stayed on long, too.

The scent doesn’t turn me off.  It’s very mild, almost unnoticeable.

What I didn’t like:

Nothing yet, really.  I don’t have much to go by comparison except for those attempted swipes from my mom’s lipstick collection.  Going by that, Nyx seems to be exceptional.


I’m going to get MORE!  (I’m blaming Liz for this obsession she started.)

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