The Reluctant Stylista

I got a haircut last Monday. And you know how symbolic it is for girls to be messing with her hair–it usually means something’s up.  When girls want a big change in their lives, they usually start with their crowning glory.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t go with crazy cut, though I wanted to (and I mean a really drastic change…like going blonde with a pixie cut).  I suddenly remembered that 2011 is high school reunion year and people will attempt to look their best.  So, no going scissor-happy just yet.

But I did want something above the shoulders.  That is what I specified anyway, though this is more like shoulder-length.  Nevertheless, when my sister saw me she said it looked like the stylist hacked like four to five inches of hair.

New haircut

It’s time to invest in undereye concealer no?

New haircut

Trust me, it’ll be curlier if I don’t have it blown dry.

I think maybe the stylist got distracted at the amount of cut hair on the floor.  At one point when he was blowdrying my hair, he remarked, “Ang kapal ng buhok n’yo no, ma’am?” (Your hair is thick, isn’t it?)  45 minutes later, he was still blowdrying my hair and he exclaimed, “Nakakaloka ang dami ng buhok n’yo!  Ang liit ng mukha, ang kapal ng buhok!“  (It’s crazy how much hair you have!  Such a small face yet your hair is so thick!)  I couldn’t help but be amused because he really looked like he was so surprised at the amount of hair.  I told him I have a lot of hair fall, actually, more than normal, and yet it’s still that thick.  He told me I should count myself lucky because people with thin hair go to their salon sometimes to get hair extensions and wigs.  If I ever get desperate for money, maybe I should just sell my hair.  Haha!  One of my secret talents is to grow hair fast–it’ll probably take me around 3 months to go back to my old hair.

I went for a fringe even though I know I’d probably have trouble with it later, having wavy-curly hair.  I saw this Promod ad with a girl who had full bangs and wavy locks and I thought I might try pulling off that look, too.  But I’m actually struggling to get that full bangs look on my own.  Do you think it’s better to get a hair iron rather than just rely on a hair blower?

Pixie hair


Yeah I want this hair, but I don’t have straight locks so it won’t look like that.  But if I haven’t changed my mind yet by next year, I’ll have something similar.  I’ll think about the hair color more, because it’s gonna be a pain when my roots start showing (and I grow hair fast, remember?).

with some of the POC girls

I met up with some of the POC girls for dinner that night at Burgos Circle in Kebab Factory.  That’s Mara, Tanya and Liz.  We missed Kira and Lyn. :(

outfit photo

Dress – Get Laud
Shoes – Parisian
Fork bracelet – Modista by Elle (I’ll get a closeup next time. The main design is really a fork)
Ring – Wellmanson’s

(Sorry for not getting a closeup shot of the accessories!)

Our exchange gifts:

Nyx lipstick

Nyx lipstick from Liz (my first ever lipstick). Shade is Paris.  Review soon!

Avon facial wash

Avon rose cleanser from Mara (of course it’s from Avon!)

I didn’t get a shot of Tanya’s gifts, which were nail polish from Etude and a face mask.  She said not to open it during dinner so I didn’t get a photo!

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