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Last week, I attended my first Neutrogena event at M Cafe in Greenbelt 4.  I was excited because I’m a Neutrogena baby–back before I even started this blog and to this day I still use their products (mostly their SPF ones. I was a huge fan of the spray on sunblock, but they don’t stock it anymore here in the Philippines).  I like Neutrogena because their formulas are usually light and mildly-scented and well, they just work.  Recently, I added a new product of theirs to my daily regimen, which is the Hydro Boost Gel with SPF 30 (thanks to Kira’s and Lauren’s recommendations) and I’m loving it so far because I really missed having a moisturizer and SPF in one.  Thanks to products like this, I can be back to my lazy, vain self.  But I’ll talk about the Hydro Boost in a separate review.

M Cafe - Ana Gonzales, Krissy Cruz, Jes Roque and Kira Ramirez

With Ana Gonzales, Krissy Cruz, Jes Roque and Kira Ramirez

I met up with several beauty bloggers (I hang out with Kira so often that it was bound to happen–I attend more beauty events as a blogger than fashion ones nowadays), some of whom I’ve only met for the first time like Jes and Donna.  We were all wondering what Neutrogena’s huge announcement would be, even as we devoured the delicious fare served for dinner.  Forgive me for the food photos, but I like events with good ambiance and good food so I make sure to feature them when writing about gatherings and parties.

Neutrogena Hydroboost drink

They said this was the “Hydroboost Drink”. Haha, cool!

M Cafe baby stuffed squid

Krissy ordered stuffed baby squids (poor babies!)

M Cafe Grilled Prawns

I do love my shrimp, so these grilled prawns were mine

M Cafe Kabute ala Pobre

Ana ordered this, and I think it’s my favorite of the lot. I think she said it’s called Kabute ala Pobre?

M Cafe's Margherita Pizza

And the Margherita Pizza


As it happens, Neutrogena had just opened their new online store.  So that’s why they were asking us to bring laptops and tablets!  Anyway, bookmark it, ladies, because it’s well worth it.  It’s FREE delivery for purchases at least P1500.  I have so many Neutrogena favorites that I know it will never be an issue.   And shipping takes 2-3 days nationwide.

Neutrogena Philippines' new online store

Neutrogena Philippines' new online store

Helga Weber browses Neutrogena Philippines' new online store

Helga browses the online store

Kira Ramirez likes the Body Oil scent

Kira took a whiff of Neutrogena Body Oil and loved it, too

Bloggers at the Neutrogena Online Store launch

Bloggers at the Neutrogena Online Store launch

Neutrogena Philippines' new online store

You need only to do the first crucial steps once, and then you can go your merry way and shop whenever you like.  The store was pretty easy enough for me to navigate, even without looking at this kodigo below.  Just make sure to change the currency to Php from US dollars and you’re set.  I also like that you get all the info you need on the products and it’s easy to search for exactly what you want when it comes to online shopping.  I know there’s been plenty of times I’ve seen their body oil out of stock at the department store and I’d go home disappointed without it.

3 easy steps to shop at Neutrogena Philippines

As a gift to the bloggers, we were able to shop for free for our first time (within a reasonable budget, of course) and I quickly zeroed in on my favorites.  First is the Neutrogena Body Oil, which I’ve loved since my college days.  It’s the best body oil I’ve tried, bar none, and it makes your skin silky smooth and soft if you apply it right after your shower.  The best part is the scent–it’s not flowery or stinky sweet, and I don’t know how to describe it except it smells exceptional.  The second item I got was the Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock with SPF 50.  I’m always at the beach so while I don’t exactly shy away from the sun, I still need constant SPF.  Plus, I also like applying waterproof formulas on my hands since I keep washing them and any other sort of lotion would eventually by rinsed off.  Lastly, I picked up the Hydro Boost Water Gel without the SPF for night time use.  So you can say I’ve pretty much covered the basic skincare regimen with Neutrogena.  I will be reviewing these babies this month, so stay tuned!

Neutrogena favorites

Thanks to Czar of Ogilvy for inviting me to this fun night!

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