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I got into the neon craze earlier this year, and I thought it should be dying out by now.  Surprisingly, it’s still alive and kicking locally.  I’m still seeing it in some holiday fashion shows, and ubiquitously in Harajuku-inspired ones.  It’s just as well–I guess neon is the type of trend that can stay for a while.  Plus it’s also a sure way to liven up any outfits that are mostly made up of neutrals like white, black and gray.  I just noticed my wardrobe is a bit like that, though my shoes are usually very colorful.  I like wearing a loud color as an accent.

NEON! Punk - Alex Lapa

Punk Neon. If I had another cat, I’d probably name it that.  I’m selling these spikes at Bloggers United 4!

Neon and Leslie Mobo - Alex Lapa

Yeah I know. I’ve really got to recolor my hair soon.  That’s the remnants of my first ombre.


I got the habit of collecting what I call “name shirts”, which I used to hate because none of them really fit a petite girl.  Now, since I enjoy reconstructing and performing T-shirt surgery and various DIY, I find that these are perfect for dyeing, shredding and clipping.  They’re usually very large and FREE, so you don’t feel guilty about messing with it.  So yeah, I’ve been trying to document the other DIY stuff I’ve done in recent weeks, so watch out for that in upcoming posts.

Nio did my hair that day. It’s just another way of styling my undercut.  Cool eh?

Neon Mobo - Alex Lapa

Top: Leslie Mobo backstage shirt “MOBO Bimbo-bashing Hot Squad” / Bandeau: Wacoal T-shirt bra / Bracelets: my personal spikes / Shorts: Sabrina / Shoes: Primadonna / Fishnet stockings: SM Department Store


I’ve been hanging out at Nio Manzano’s shop often the past few days.  These photos were taken there–and you’ll see a lot more of it in the future.  That’s another thing I’m excited about this year.  We’ll be selling clothes, accessories and we’ll be booking fittings and appointments at his shop from now on.  Nio, John Sherwynn and I are all coming up with our own creations this year!

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