The Reluctant Stylista

So I’m doing a quick outfit post for today, as I have a heavy workload to tackle this week.  I actually have tons of unblogged outfit posts just waiting to be published for moments like this.  What I forgot to take into consideration is that I will most probably change my hair again this month and by the time I get everything out, the photos will look outdated.

Anyway, to attest to my pileup of blog entries, this was the outfit I wore to Day 1 of Bloggers United 4 last December.  The best thing about having stylists/designer friends, they dress you up ALL the time like their very own Barbie doll.  For example, while taking an outfit photo for me at a recent event, Kira remarked that I seemed to know what to do now after every snap.  Quite a vast difference from the outfit photos she used to take for me where I would just awkwardly stand there and get it over with, haha!  I realized it was because of my friends Nio, John and Jund; in their company, I would often be dressed up, photographed and we’d be poking fun at each other backstage during fashion shows with the models and mimicking their runway walks in the strangest couture heels.

In this case, Nio and John dressed me up for Bloggers United in their own creations. Only the heels were mine.

An updated 50s look with a splash of neon

Leopard print sleeveless button-down top by John Sherwynn Chan
Full skirt with panels and pockets by Nio Manzano
Heels: Primadonna
Necklace: N+ Shop (from Nio)

The top is made-to-order by John Sherwynn (email him at , although the one I’m wearing here is already available.  I like that it’s also made of really nice and soft stretch material.  It’s a little big on me so I’m guessing it’s a medium.  The full skirt is also made-to-order from Nio Manzano (email:  It has panels if you look at the skirt closely, and it has pockets!  Really quite genius.  You can have it done in some other color as well.

Neon 50s

Neon 50s

Neon 50s

I found the pockets really useful, especially since it was BU and I constantly needed pens, paper and change.  This skirt can carry everything!  We were joking also around during BU, when we weren’t sure if we could bring food with us to our booths, that we could smuggle them under my skirt and no one would be the wiser.


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