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I noticed that many people end up on my blog because they Googled “undercut hair”.  I’ve had two undercut styles in the past 3+ years and I might as well document the ways I styled them in one blog post for people looking for hair inspiration (I did, after all, got my push when I was looking for pegs at  There’s a misconception that you’re quite limited with hair styling when you have parts of your head shaved.  But I can honestly say that getting an undercut has been quite a liberating experience and it’s fun to play around with because you can change your look instantly.

Note: I have fine hair strands but very thick hair, which is why getting an undercut makes a lot of sense.  Of course, the first selling point is the style and how it looks fierce by default.  But now I really do enjoy having less to shampoo and blow dry (and even now my hair stylists still comment on how thick my hair is, when this is really just about half of its original thickness because my newest undercut goes all the way from side to side and I have full bangs).

To read past entries on my undercut styles, click here.  See also “So your kid wants to get her hair shaved“.  Any hair questions?  Shoot me an email.

Three quick things you need to know about getting an undercut with a long hairstyle:


1. I only recommend it to women (or men?) with thick hair.


2. Always ask for a nice clean shave around the ears and a nice fade for the sideburns (if you have them, like hairy me does).  It’s the difference between looking like “I know exactly what I want” to “I stole my dad’s beard clipper in boredom and just buzzed away”.


3. Get it trimmed every 2-3 weeks if you want to maintain it. A side cut is easy because I can just ask any of the men in my family to do it for me, but it’s not always the case for other undercut styles that need to be symmetrical from side to side. (I gave up, because every stylist and barber who did my hair would ask me to make it “pantay” or symmyetrical and the undercut just kept going up and up. I joked I would soon only have my fringe left of my hair).


My very first undercut was done by Macky Angeles, and I wore that hair from late 2011 to early 2013, I think.

Alex Lapa Undercut

I met up with Lauren Dado in Malasimbo in 2013 when I still had very long hair with a side cut.

Alex Lapa undercut hairstyle

I think this was the second Philippine Fashion Ball, and I went with a side swept hairstyle.  So yes, I think the undercut can still look elegant, it just depends on how you wear it and what you wear with it.

Alex Lapa undercut hairstyle

Around 16 months ago, I got tired of the side cut because everyone thought I was trying to emulate Dara Park.  A shame, because I think the haircut complemented my jawline, and it’s probably still my favorite hair cut to date.  I started growing out my side cut then I went for a new buzz–this time going from side to side, including the back part.  I added a fringe even though the stylist wasn’t so sure about it at first, but I figured I can just brush it up if I don’t like how it looked.  This is still my hair cut today, but I just vary the fringe length.

Alex Lapa undercut hairstyle

Toni & Guy played with my hair and gave me the Bad Girl Sweep — a cross between a pompadour and a mohawk style.  My fringe was brushed up.  I do a watered down version of this when I don’t have time to set my bangs.  I spray on some dry shampoo at the roots of my bangs to give it volume and then tie my hair into a ponytail.

Alex Lapa undercut hairstyle - Bad Girl Sweep

But you can still do sweet by pinning your hair to one side like this.  The day I got this styled, I asked my dad to pick me up at Alabang Town Center and he didn’t recognize me right away.  He was wondering where his punk daughter went off to!  (Cut and color by Park Jun Salon and using L’Oreal products).

Alex Lapa undercut hairstyle

So obviously, I was having a really girly phase (I still am).  I’ve always had these clips, not for myself, but styling other shoots.  I decided to wear them one night with Heidi braids because I was bored.  I just did two pigtails then pinned them at the back of my head.  But I liked the effect (if I had hidden the bobby pins more, or gotten them in the same shade of my hair), but I don’t think I ever wore this hair in public.

Soon after that, I used the two pins to decorate my simple hair bun for this 70s inspired Hippie OOTD.

Alex Lapa undercut hairstyle

For this reaaally girly OOTD “Are We Ever Too Old For Cute Dresses?”, I tied my hair up to show off the undercut and had my bangs blown dry.  Changed my hair color, too, at Empire Salon in Hotel Intercontinental Makati.  Still looked pretty sweet!

Alex Lapa undercut hair style

My stylist (she’s pretty hot, isn’t she?) at Empire Salon gave me a side braid.

Alex Lapa at Empire Salon in Hotel Intercon

With Kira!  This is what it looks like when I brush up the fringe (finger comb then set with dry shampoo or what have you).  This is the easiest way to style for me, and it’s my go-to style for lazy days when I can’t be bothered to set my fringe.  I think I looked like Kira’s Kpop boyfriend here.

Kira Ramirez with Alex Lapa - undercut hair

I can also go totally normal!  (My natural hair is wavy-curly, but this was blown dry to straight.)

Alex Lapa - regular hair cut and undercut style

Just goofing around, backstage, at Bench’s The Naked Truth rehearsals.  It’s a gummy worm mohawk!
(But seriously, those awesome accessories were by Ken Samudio)

I also get my “baby hair” (those wispy locks by the forehead) shaved, which is why when I have my hair up, the sides near my forehead don’t look straight.  But that’s fine, because I’ve tried it before not having my baby hair buzzed and it just looked weird.  So now I ask the barber to give it a trim, as well.  When I have the fringe, it’s covered up.

Gummy worm undercut mohawk

For the Philippine Fashion Ball 2014, since I always went for side swept curls in the past, I went for a sleek ponytail this time by Archie Vergara.  Makeup, of course, was done by Rae V. Salazar and it was my first time to wear that rich, plum lip (very Fall 2014)!  The gorgeous gown was by Ryan Madamba and the Alexandra earrings (named after me!) was by Christopher Munar.

Alex Lapa at the Philippine Fashion Ball 2014

Most recently, I was at Clozette’s tea party for Breast Cancer Awareness.  Like in this photo below, I am now wearing a longer fringe with the ends even longer (I always opt for a more concave shape) and my hair was styled into easy curls and a ponytail.  This hairstyle also shows the shaved side, and some of the back part.

Alex Lapa at the Clozette tea party

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