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I’ve had two trips to Saizen this weekend—first for the Blogger’s Tour held last Friday, and then on Sunday, for The Great Sale Finds at Robinsons Galleria.  But if you’ve read my articles for The POC about the coolest and weirdest beauty finds here, you’ll know that I can never have enough of this crazy little concept store.  Just going around it is an adventure in itself!  Saizen is like a vacuum—you’ve never needed all these kawaii things UNTIL you slapped eyes on them.  For some inexplicable reason, you just have to have it.  You’ll probably find yourself making excuses for your purchases (“But it’s just P85!”).  And just like that, you’re sucked in Saizen’s little wonderland like the rest of us.  Adults make like kids in a candy store here.



Those outrageous items you hoard may or may not be the most useful items you can’t do without (for one thing, I keep buying their Cat Vine Powder—works like a charm on my cat even when catnip doesn’t) but trust me on this: you never go out of Saizen with anything boring.

Okay, quick lesson for the Saizen noob: everything in this Japanese store is P85.  They offer a wide range of products such as office supplies, gadgets (they have a lot of things for your PSP, Nintendo DS, Wii and who knows what else), craft materials, home and interior, beauty and bath products, fashion and apparel, toys, kitchenware (Chrissie from Kitchencow got me started on Saizen because of the cutest little bento boxes she gets there), pet goods, gardening tools and recently, even snacks.  It’s much like the all-88-pesos Daiso store except for two things.  Firstly, Saizen was actually the original Daiso, as it is known in over 500 stores worldwide (the company is actually known as Daiso-Sangyo Japan, Inc.), but someone else got their name here so in the Philippines, we know it as Saizen.  Secondly, well, Saizen is just so much more fun than Daiso. 

For example, Saizen introduces novel ideas.  See, here we have an Eyebrow Template.  It’s a great gift idea to friends who often look like the Boogeyman pounced on them.  Now they can draw their eyebrows in the dark if they wanted to.  Who doesn’t want to??

Saizen - Eyebrow Template


Then they have these Illuminant Frog Earpicks, the better to find your way through ear tunnels, my dear.  Are you sensing a pattern here?  With these glow-in-the-dark ear pickers, you again have something else to do the next time a raging typhoon cuts off all power supplies.  You’ve got a pretty good start now if you want to hold beauty makeovers in the dark.

Saizen - ear picks


Speaking of the dark, I don’t really much know what it is with the Japanese and their fascination for things black.  But I like it; it’s a very chic color, and quite unique.  Coco Chanel would have approved.  Plus, I really like the mud mask.  It works quite well for something so cheap!

Saizen - black series


A few things I’d recommend to Charice Pempengco.  A face massager that may have slimming effects and collagen-infused wipes to keep you fresh.  Just imagine your savings from Botox!  Ditch Belo!

Saizen - Slim RollersSaizen - facial wipes with collagen


Actually, as Lace of Style and Relax pointed out to me, a lot of things in Saizen are for the lazy.  They have wipes for all sorts of things, such as furniture wipes which are already infused with polisher so you don’t have to buy them separately.

But one of the fun things you’ll notice in the store is how geeky the Japanese can get about the simplest things.  I mean, why use deodorant when you have…

Silver Ion sweat pads!  You can cut them to any suitable shape and stick it in your top.  No streaking, no scent, either.

Saizen - silver ion sweat pats


They also have Sodium Bicarbonate and Citric Acid for dishwashing.  Because soap is so five minutes ago.

Saizen - dishwashing


Lookit this horse fat foot cream.  I didn’t know horse fat could be harvested in the first place.  I wonder if it makes you giddyap.

Saizen - Horse fat foot cream


Then of course, Saizen won’t be Saizen without the barrage of all things cute. 
Plain ‘ol microfiber is boring.  Look at how cutely you could be cleaning your glasses.

Saizen - microfiber

Saizen - microfiber


It’s difficult to quit smoking when you’ve got these portable ashtrays.  Just look at that samurai.  And that geisha.

Saizen - Portable mini ashtray


And these.  Too cute for words.  Well, the bear looks familiar…

Saizen - Portable mini ashtray


I went gaga over these paperboxes.  I had a hard time picking out which ones to take home, because I need them to keep myself and my accessories organized.  Or so I keep telling myself.  I’ll use the boxes, I swear!

Saizen - paperboxes


Can I tempt you with some man boobs?  Well apparently, Lauren couldn’t resist squeezing a feel.



And here’s Kira, squeezing a feel with more gusto than Lauren.



And then, my Saizen haul. I got myself 2 pink paperboxes for my accessories, a bath brush (with curly hair, it usually looks good if you just brush your hair once, and that’s when it’s wet), a bunch of black and white ponytails, a metal box, a facial cleansing pad, a zebra print eco bag, a black and white acrylic ring, and black travel toothbrushes.

Saizen haul


If you love Saizen as much as I do, then you’ll be happy to know that this August, they will have their Big Switch.  Prices go from 85 pesos to 58!  This is for all their branches: Trinoma, Ali Mall, Galleria and Marquee.  They’ve already started bit by bit, in fact, but the major switch (where a whole LOT of their stock will be on sale) will happen from August 20-22.

And, if you shop at Robinsons Galleria, you’ll be in for a bigger treat—because from August 1 to 31, the whole mall will be having their clearance sale.  Besides, they have the best Saizen branch yet, but in this case, they’re not the only store that’s dropping down their prices.  Everything in Robinsons Galleria goes up to 50% off, and there’s no better time to shop and take advantage of it all!  In fact, I’ll be blogging about some of my other great finds soon because I want to share.  And brag.  Haha!

Robinsons All-out Clearance Sale

Find out more at Robinsons’ fanpage.

My thanks go out to Ms. Angela R. Perez-Rubio and Ms. Josette Salac who attended to us during the Bloggers’ Tour in Saizen Trinoma and to Ms. Cristina Puso for the invite.  Thank you also to Robinsons Mall for inviting us to the first day of Great Sale Finds: All Out Clearance Sale and Jeffrey Siy of BoyKuripot who organized it.


Everyone's amazing at P85!

I’d include a photo op of the bloggers last Sunday at Robinsons, too, but I wasn’t able to get picture of all of us.  Might have to grab it from someone else!


All photos of Saizen were taken by me.  If you wish to borrow a couple, just give credit and a link back.  Thanks! =^.^=

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