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Every year, Janette Toral of Digital Filipino holds this writing project called Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs.

I’ve wanted to do my list since June, but I didn’t have any idea how hard it was to find at least 5 emerging influential blogs.  The blogs that I originally had in mind were either started just a bit earlier than the cut-off date March 2009, or they were extremely prolific but half a month shy of qualification (a blog has to be at least 3 months old). 

I like the idea that we find blogs that have so much promise and were written with care.  Blogging is such a raging trend nowadays that many have jumped into the bandwagon without much thought to what they’d like to impart or what it is they’d really like to write about.  I hope the blogs I’ve listed here will inspire a fresh generation of bloggers and set the bar to beat.  I was only able to list about 6.


1) First on my list, well, if you’re here right now then you don’t need much introduction.  I will be carrying my own bench and say that I’m nominating The Reluctant Stylista.

If I can’t believe in my own work, who else will?  I’ve always taken care of this site.  I remember how very dear this project felt, while I was designing its layout and then later having original artworks sketched by my boyfriend to use and then having another friend take care of the backend (because we opted not to go for Blogspot nor WordPress).  I take good photos and write my own material and I’m quite fortunate to have found friends through this blog who share the same interests.  I’m grateful also to the opportunities that have opened up since I started this blog. 

I originally made it to cater to girls who were budding fashionastas, who were curious about clothes and make-up but were a little hesitant.  Boy do I know a lot of them!  And then, at that time, I was just starting out with styling classes.  I also wanted a place to document my styling adventures.  Thus, The Reluctant Stylista was born.


2) The NeuroChiq

The NeuroChiq

Author: Dang Villanueva
Created: May 2009

Like many bloggers, Dang was actually already writing sporadically in Multiply.  But when she decided to write more frequently, The Neuro Chiq was born.  I enjoy reading her posts because she’s also a fan of organic products and she has very engaging write-ups.  I always find myself sharing an opinion or an experience because her articles are easily relatable.  She writes mostly about travel, fashion, beauty & wellness, but like I said, I also enjoy her random musings as well.


3) I am Bourgeois

I am Bourgeois

Author: Lauren Dado
Created: November 2009

I was surprised to find out that Lauren’s beauty-fashion-shopping blog is actually pretty new.  I was just happy to find another deserving blog to include in my list (actually, she was the fifth I added so this discovery allowed me start blogging about my nominees)!  I love Lauren’s blog because they’re always filled with happy finds, funny musings, several make-up looks and outfits and she’s always real with her product reviews so I find that I can trust what she says.  Plus, she’s always on the lookout for products that benefit oily-faced people like many Filipinas are, including myself.


4) Inkarlcerating


Author: Karl L.
Created: November 2009

I’ve always followed Karl Philip Leuterio’s Lookbook back when I was still somewhat active.  Then recently, we bumped into each other at the UCB Fragrance Launch event, and my adoration was renewed.  I honestly think he’s got one of the hottest stylings here in Manila.  Maybe I should also convince the other fashionistas I stalk in Lookbook to start their own fashion blogs since I’m forever on the lookout for more local fashion blogs to read.  I initially wanted to include his friends Toxic Disco Boy and Aivan Magno here, but I was dismayed to find that both didn’t make the blog age cut.


5) Christian Homeschooler

Christian Homeschooler

Author: Jennifer Aspacio
Created: May 2009

Another new find, actually!  And the only one that isn’t related to fashion or styling.  Funny that I found out about this blog when Jenny informed me I was in her list.  I’m familiar with her other blogs, but this was the first time I landed on Christian Homeschooler.  Recently, my cousin Mira, who is also a Christian, started homeschooling her son Ice.  I was so fascinated with homeschooling and so interested at how it’s done.  I asked so many questions about it and I was really intrigued to find out how these kids will grow up with their early education seen to by their mothers.  I think it’s a brilliant idea, but a very daunting task, and I applaud these mothers who are really taking the time to make sure they impart real, valuable knowledge to their children.  At least now they don’t have to worry about what the kids are learning in school.


6) Atlantis Home

Atlantis Home

Author: Judy Aldridge
Created: November 2009

The only non-local blog in my list.  As much as I’d want to feature more local blogs, I just couldn’t help adding this one.  It’s the famous Sea of Shoes‘ author Jane Aldridge’s equally fabulous mother–only this blog isn’t just about her drool-worthy vintage finds and other fashion related collections.  It’s still drool-worthy though, as I can’t get enough of those photos she posts of her cooking.  She shares her recipes and a lot of fun DIY projects that I’m always fascinated with.


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